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Announcement of the procurement of high-definition recording classrooms, cloud desktops, and multi-functional conference room equipment in primary schools

2020-01-08 14:21:19 Source: Government Procurement Font of Sanmenxia Public Resource Trading Center [ Big, Medium and Small ]

Henan Xingjian Construction Management Co., Ltd. was entrusted by the Education and Culture Bureau of Sanmenxia Urban-Rural Integration Demonstration Zone to conduct open tenders for the procurement of high-definition recording classrooms, cloud desktops, and multifunctional conference room equipment in Dadian Town Xindian Primary School of Sanmenxia Urban-Rural Integration Demonstration Zone. , Qualified suppliers are welcome to participate in the bidding.

I. Project Name: Sanmenxia Urban-Rural Integration Demonstration Zone Dawang Town Xindian Primary School HD Recording Classroom, Cloud Desktop, Multifunctional Conference Room Equipment Procurement Project

Second, the purchase number: San Gong Cai Cai [2019] No. 271, San Shi Cai Cai [2019] No. 21

Project Overview:

1. Purchasing scope: purchase of high-definition recording and broadcasting classrooms, cloud desktops, and multi-functional conference room equipment in Xindian Primary School of Dawang Town. For specific parameters and requirements, please refer to the procurement documents.

2. Quality requirements: qualified.

3. Budget funds: 116,7970.00 yuan.

4. Source of funds: financial funds.

5. Delivery period and installation period: 10 calendar days after the contract is signed.

6. Delivery place: The place designated by the purchaser.

Note: The government procurement policy to be implemented in this project: policies to support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and prison enterprises, government procurement of energy-saving products, mandatory procurement of energy-saving products, and environmental labeling products are given priority.

Fourth, supplier qualification requirements:

Bidding suppliers to participate in this government procurement activity must meet the requirements of Article 22 of the "People's Republic of China's Government Procurement Law" and meet the following conditions:

1. Ability to independently bear civil liability and a valid business license (the business scope must include the content of this tender).

2. The supplier must issue a commitment letter without commercial bribery and unfair competition.

3. The supplier issues a criminal record without bribery or self-commitment (subject to: enterprise, legal representative) that has been inquired by China Judgment Documents Network (http://wenshu.court.gov.cn).

4. According to the “Notice on Inquiry and Use of Credit Records in Government Procurement Activities” (Caiku [2016] No. 125) and Yucai purchase [2016] No. 15, Suppliers of the parties involved in tax violation cases and the list of government procurement records of serious violations of trustworthiness have refused to participate in the procurement activities of this project; ccgp.gov.cn)].

5. All bidding sections of this project will not accept consortium bids.

6. Post-qualification review of the bidding.

V. Download of procurement documents and payment of fees:

1. How to obtain procurement documents: There is no registration link for this project. The bid supplier passed the Sanmenxia Public Resources Trading Center website (website: www.smxgzjy.org) with the CA digital certificate. By participating in the bidding, you can directly download the project procurement documents (the procurement documents contain all the content required for bidding, such as the purchase list).

Please check the following links for specific operations:

Link address: http://www.smxgzjy.org/bwstb/9783.jhtml

Apply for CA certificate: http://www.smxgzjy.org/bwstb/23330.jhtml

2. Download time of procurement documents: January 08, 2020 to February 17, 2020, 09:00.

3. Purchasing documents are priced at RMB 500 and are non-refundable.

4. Payment method:

(1) The payment method for the supplier to participate in the bid opening at the scene: The supplier directly pays the document fee to the agency at the bid opening site, the payment time is after the bid opening deadline and before the electronic bid is decrypted.

(2) The supplier remotely decrypts the payment method that has not arrived at the bid opening site: the supplier shall contact the agency half an hour before the bid opening to complete the payment of the fee according to the payment method agreed by the two parties.

(3) For the supplier who has paid the document fee, the agency shall issue an invoice (on-site invoice or post).

Note: The supplier who does not pay the file fee will not decrypt the uploaded electronic bids.

6. Submission of Supplier Information

This project implements post-qualification review. The content of the review is based on the information uploaded in the credibility database of the bidder (supplier) of Sanmenxia Public Resources Trading before the deadline for bidding. Information uploaded or changed after the stipulated time is not used as the basis for bid evaluation. The information uploaded by the integrity database must be complete, authentic and valid, and the original scanned copy must be clearly legible. Otherwise, the bid supplier shall bear the responsibility for the situation that the score should be scored but the score is not scored or the qualification examination fails.

For specific operations, please refer to the "Manual of the Credit Integrity Database of the Sanmenxia Public Resource Transaction Operation Manual". Link address: http://www.smxgzjy.org/bwstb/9753.jhtml

Note: From the time the project is opened to the end of the evaluation, the integrity database will be locked. If multiple projects are reported in succession, the lock time of the trustworthiness database will also be extended. Please ask the bidding suppliers to arrange the data upload time reasonably, and upload all project information to the trustworthiness database (supplier) of the Sanmenxia Public Resources Exchange as soon as possible.

7. Bid deposit: According to the “Notice of Henan Provincial Department of Finance on Optimizing the Business Environment of Government Procurement” (Yu Cai purchase [2019] No. 4), this project will no longer receive a bid deposit.

8. Deadline for bid submission and time and place for bid opening:

1. Deadline for submission of bids and opening time: 09:00 on February 17, 2020

2. Bid Opening Place: Bid Opening Area, 5th Floor, Sanmenxia Public Resource Trading Center

Nine, the media that issued the procurement announcement:

This announcement was also published on "China Tendering Public Service Platform", "Henan Provincial Government Procurement Network" and "Sanmenxia Public Resource Trading Center Network".

Reminder: This project is an electronic, paperless transaction project. No paper materials will be accepted when the bid is opened. To ensure that you can bid successfully, please carefully read the procurement documents and the official website business guide of Sanmenxia Public Resource Trading Center.

X. Contact information:

Supervision department: Financial Bureau of Sanmenxia Urban-rural Integration Demonstration Zone

Phone: 0398-2751077

Buyer: Education and Culture Bureau of Sanmenxia Urban-rural Integration Demonstration Zone

Contact: Mr. Ye

Phone: 13633988958

Bidding agency: Henan Construction Construction Management Co., Ltd.

Address: Room 1912, 19th Floor, Unit 1, Building 58, Jiayi City Plaza, Sanmenxia City

Contact: Ms. Qiang

Phone: 13781028589

Email: 810234973@qq.com

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