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State Grid Shaanxi Provincial Power Company's Tendering Announcement for Big Screen Procurement Project in 2019

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On November 11, 2019, the State Grid Shaanxi Provincial Electric Power Company's bidding announcement for large-screen procurement projects in 2019 has been released online. If you are not logged in, you can only see part of the bidding announcement. Interested bidders please log in or register to read the detailed announcement to understand the bidding qualification requirements and participation process.
State Grid Shaanxi Provincial Electric Power Company's 2019 Large-screen Procurement Project Tender Announcement Tendering Conditions The bidding project has been approved by the corresponding government development department. The project construction unit is State Grid Shaanxi Electric Power Company (hereinafter referred to as the "project unit"). The project unit has its own funds, and the bidder is State Grid Shaanxi Electric Power Company. The project has already met the tender conditions, and now the public tender for this purpose is being conducted.
Qualified bidders (hereinafter referred to as "bidders") who are interested in bidding are invited to submit sealed and competitive bidding documents for the supply and service of the State Grid Shaanxi Electric Power Company's 2019 large-screen procurement project.
Project overview and scope of bidding The project overview and scope of bidding are detailed in the table below according to the bidding numbers.
Bid number name of goods unit Quantity Contract package
Number Package number
34 big screen Piece 1 1 Pack 1
Bidder qualification requirements This bidding requires that the bidder must be a legal person or other organization registered in the People's Republic of China in accordance with the law, must have the ability to manufacture the corresponding goods, and have the personnel, equipment, funds, etc. to guarantee the timely delivery of the bidding project. Ability. Unless otherwise specified, these qualifications, qualifications and achievements are the rights and interests of the bidder's own enterprise.
3.1 General qualification requirements:
(1) If the bidder is a manufacturer, it must have the production site, production equipment , production personnel, product and component testing capabilities required to produce the bidding product. The corresponding provisions of the "2019 Version of the Supplier Qualification Capability Verification Standard" issued in China.
(2) If the bidder is a manufacturer, he has designed and manufactured products of the same structure, same type, same or same type, or above technical specifications that meet the requirements of special qualifications. Under the same conditions as the specifications or stricter than the specifications, the supply quantity of the product within the specified period of the bidding documents meets the requirements of the bidding documents.
(3) The invested products must obtain the product effective test report issued by the national professional inspection and testing agency, and the report's conclusion data meets the technical specifications of this tender. All kinds of test reports are test reports for specific types and specifications of products.
(4) If the bidder is a manufacturer, the outsourced raw materials, supporting components, and externally commissioned processing and imported parts in bulk shall comply with the technical specifications of this bidding document. At the same time, the bidder shall have the inspection system, testing methods and capabilities required for the above materials, components and parts to be accepted in the factory, and the qualification certificate provided by the suppliers of materials, components and parts, and shall meet the technical specifications for external purchases and purchases. Requirements for third-party qualification performance and technical level of associate component materials. Raw material group component management is traceable.
(5) Obtain a valid license as required by national laws, regulations, departmental regulations and normative standards. Obtain a valid certification required by the bidding documents.
(6) It shall have a good financial status and commercial credit, and shall not be listed and published as a list of "business abnormalities" by market supervision departments such as industrial and commercial administration. If the bidder is listed as an illegal and dishonest person by the state authority, the bidder's participation in the project will be rejected.
(7) The legal representative or person in charge of the unit is the same person or different units with a controlling or management relationship, and shall not participate in the same bidding or bidding for the same bidding project without division of bidding.
(8) If the bidder is a manufacturer, it must have the process documents and operating instructions for the processes required to produce the bidding product, and it can guarantee the needs of product production. Each procedure is executed according to the process file and has traceability.
(9) Must have the factory inspection capabilities required for the production of bidding products, including test sites, test equipment and test personnel.
(10) According to the “Administrative Rules for Handling Bad Behaviors of Suppliers of the State Grid Corporation”, bidders have bad behaviors that caused them to suspend or cancel their bid qualifications, and during the validity period of the processing, they shall not participate in bidding for corresponding projects.
(11) Bidders must also provide in their business documents the query in the national enterprise credit information disclosure system (www.gsxt.gov.cn), which includes "listed in the list of severely illegal and dishonest companies (blacklist)" and "listed in business "Exception list information" query results (the query date should be 20 days before the deadline for bidding, and the query results should be electronic versions of PDF files automatically generated by the website). If the query result of the effective national enterprise credit information publicity system (www.gsxt.gov.cn) is not provided, the bid documents shall be rejected.
(12) If the bidder provides the “Certificate of Verification of the Qualification Ability of Suppliers of State Grid Corporation's Centralized Bidding Activities” (referred to as “Certificate Letter”) in the bidding documents, they must ensure that the data provided is authentic and reliable. The bidder shall submit the valid "Certificate Letter" file downloaded from the e-commerce platform. The format and content are not allowed to be edited or modified. Any unauthorized modification of the data in the "Verification Certificate" shall be rejected as a false bid.
(13) In violation of the promise of “observing laws and disciplines, stressing integrity, and improving quality”, in the judgment entered into force by the people's court, it was found that there was a serious case of bribery in the procurement activities of the bidder, and the bidder's participation in the project would be rejected.
3.2 Bidders and their bidding products must meet the special qualification performance requirements of the corresponding tendered goods. The specific specific qualification performance requirements of each type of goods, and their data and status are as follows:
Substandard Subcontract name of goods Performance requirements Qualification requirements Whether to receive agents
Contract performance Production and test equipment Certification Production License experiment report Conditions remarks 3C certification
34 1 big screen From January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2018, the cumulative contract performance is not less than 100 square meters. Has complete manufacturing, process equipment and test equipment. Have a valid ISO9000 series quality management system certification The supplier shall provide a valid type test report or inspection report of a nationally recognized third-party authoritative testing agency. Accept agent
3.3 This bidding does not accept consortium bids.
3.4 All bidders can bid on some or all of the bids.
(Note: Units that have not registered members on China Electric Power Bidding Network should register first. Download China Power Tendering Network Membership Application Form . Registered Contact: Wang Yang Mobile: 18310845801).
Acquisition of bidding documents
4.1 The electronic version of the bidding documents is published online this time. Bidders who are willing to participate in the bidding, please obtain the bidding documents from November 11, 2019 to 17:00, November 18, 2019 (including legal public holidays and legal holidays).
This bidding project is only for regular members to view. You ca n’t view detailed information with your authority. Please contact the member to go online. After becoming a full member, you can download detailed bidding announcements, registration forms, project attachments, and some project bidding documents.
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