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Sanmenxia City Hubin District Education and Sports Bureau (Dexinyuan Elementary School) desk stools, recording classroom equipment procurement project announcement

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Henan Huide Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. was commissioned by the Hubin District Education and Sports Bureau of Sanmenxia City to conduct competitive negotiation and purchase of desks, stools, and recording classroom equipment procurement projects in Hubin District Education and Sports Bureau (Dexinyuan Primary School) of Sanmenxia City. Qualified suppliers participate in consultations.

I. Project Name: Project Procurement of School Benches, Recording Classroom Equipment in Hubin District Education and Sports Bureau (Dexinyuan Primary School) of Sanmenxia City

Project Number: Sanhu Procurement Competition (2019) No. 80

Three public funds mining [2019] No. 214

Project Overview:

1. Scope of procurement: Procurement and acceptance of desks and stools, recording and classroom equipment, Hubei District Education and Sports Bureau (Dexinyuan Elementary School), Sanmenxia City, warranty period service, cargo-related transportation and insurance and other accompanying services See competitive consultation document.

2. Standard package division: Package A: recording and classroom equipment; Package B: desk and stool equipment.

3. Source of funds: Financial funds have been implemented.

4. Budget funds: 798,060 yuan (A package: 477,300 yuan; B package: 320,760 yuan.)

5. Warranty period: one year.

6, quality requirements: qualified.

7. Delivery period: within 20 calendar days from the date of signing the contract.

8. Delivery place: The place designated by the purchaser.

4. Negotiation and response to supplier qualification requirements:

Response to consultations Suppliers participating in this government procurement activity must meet the requirements of Articles 21 and 22 of the Government Procurement Law of the People's Republic of China and meet the following conditions:

1.Have a valid business license;

2.Provide the company's commitment of no commercial bribery and unfair competition;

3. According to the "Notice on Inquiry and Use of Credit Records in Government Procurement Activities" (Caiku [2016] No. 125) and Yucai purchase [2016] No. 15, Suppliers of the list of parties involved in tax violation cases and the list of government procurement records of serious violations of trustworthiness shall refuse to participate in the procurement activities of this project; they must provide the "Credit China" website (www.creditchina.gov.cn) regarding Screenshots of webpages of the list of parties involved in major tax violation cases, and screenshots of the webpages of the China Government Procurement Network (www.ccgp.gov.cn) on the list of records of serious government procurement violations.

4. This project does not accept consortium consultations.

5. How to obtain registration and competitive consultation documents:

1. How to obtain bidding documents: There is no registration link for this project. The bid supplier passes the Sanmenxia Public Resources Trading Center website (website: www.smxgzjy.org) with the CA digital certificate. By participating in the bidding, you can directly download the bidding documents for this project (the bidding documents contain all the content required for bidding such as drawings and purchase lists).

Please check the following links for specific operations:

Link address: http://www.smxgzjy.org/bwstb/9783.jhtml

Apply for CA certificate: http://www.smxgzjy.org/bwstb/23330.jhtml

2. Download time of bidding documents: November 11, 2019 to 9:00 on December 4, 2019.

3. The bidding document is priced at RMB 500 per bid (if the bidding segment is 500 RMB per bid), it is non-refundable.

4. Payment method:

4.1 Payment methods for suppliers to participate in the bid opening on site: The supplier directly pays the competitive consultation document fee to the agency at the bid opening site, after the bid opening deadline and before the electronic bid is decrypted.

4.2 The supplier remotely decrypts the payment method that has not arrived at the bid opening site: The supplier shall contact the agency half an hour before the bid opening to complete the payment of the competitive negotiation document fee according to the payment method agreed by the two parties.

4.3 For suppliers who have paid the cost of the competitive negotiation documents, the agency shall issue an invoice (on-site invoicing or mailing).

Note: Suppliers who do not pay for the cost of competitive negotiation documents will not be able to decrypt electronic tenders that they have uploaded.

5.Submission of supplier information

This project implements pre-qualification or post-qualification. The content of the review shall be based on the information uploaded in the credibility database of the public resource transaction bidder (supplier) before the deadline for bidding. Information uploaded or changed after the stipulated time is not used as the basis for bid evaluation. The information uploaded by the integrity database must be complete, authentic and valid, and the scanned original must be clearly legible. Otherwise, the bid supplier shall bear the responsibility for the situation where the score should be scored but the score is not obtained or the qualification examination is not qualified.

For specific operations, please refer to the "Manual of the Credit Integrity Library of Sanmenxia Public Resource Transaction". Link address: http://www.smxgzjy.org/bwstb/9753.jhtml

Note: From the time when the project is opened to the end of the evaluation, the integrity database will be locked. If multiple projects are reported in succession, the lock-up time of the credit database will also be extended. Bidding suppliers should arrange the data upload time reasonably, and upload all project data to the credit source (supplier) credit database of the Sanmenxia Public Resources Exchange as soon as possible.

Sixth, bid security:

According to Article 6 of the "Notice of Henan Provincial Department of Finance on Optimizing the Business Environment for Government Procurement" (Yu Cai purchase [2019] No. 4), the bid security is no longer collected.

7. Others:

1. Consultation and response Suppliers should read the operation manual carefully, and complete online registration and download of bidding documents before the deadline required in this announcement.

2. All the expenses incurred in the consultation shall be borne by the suppliers responding to the consultation, and bear the corresponding risks and responsibilities.

3. Negotiation and response The application materials and response documents submitted by the supplier will not be returned regardless of the transaction.

8. Time and place of consultation:

1. Deadline for submission of consultation response documents and consultation time: 9:00 on December 4, 2019.

2. Venue for consultation: the bid opening area on the fifth floor of Sanmenxia Public Resource Trading Center.

9. Media for issuing competitive negotiation announcements:

This competitive negotiation announcement was also published on China Procurement and Tendering Network, Henan Provincial Government Procurement Network, Henan Provincial Electronic Tendering and Bidding Public Service Platform, and Sanmenxia Public Resource Trading Center Network.

Warm reminder: This project is an electronic and paperless transaction project. No paper materials will be accepted during the negotiation. To ensure that you can successfully negotiate, please read the competitive negotiation documents and the official website of Sanmenxia Public Resource Trading Center. guide.

10. Contact Information:

Supervision unit: Government Procurement Management Office of Hubin District, Sanmenxia City

Contact: 0398-2772101

Buyer: Education and Sports Bureau, Hubin District, Sanmenxia City

Address: 100 meters east of the intersection of Heping Road and Shanzhou Road, Hubin District, Sanmenxia City

Contact (phone): Ms. Lu (0398-2886164)

Procurement Agency: Henan Huide Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.

Sanmenxia Office Address: Room 809, Building B, Industrial and Commercial Union Building, West Section of Wuyuan Road, Sanmenxia City

Contact (phone): Mr. Li (0398-3190599)

Email: hnhd111@163.com

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