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Announcement of DLP Vetron's large screen special renovation project in Hunan

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[2019-10-17] DLP Vetron large screen special renovation project project announcement

DLP威创大屏专项整治项目 ”采用竞争性谈判方式进行采购,欢迎合格的供应商前来谈判。 Entrusted by a certain army in Hunan, Shenzhen International Tendering Co., Ltd. used competitive negotiation to purchase the " DLP Vtron Large Screen Special Remediation Project ". Qualified suppliers are welcome to come to negotiate.

项目名称 DLP威创 大屏专项整治项目 I. Project Name : DLP Weichuang Large Screen Special Renovation Project

0658-190410A61505 Item Number : 0658-190410A61505

服务 名称、数量: Service name and quantity:

Package number

名称 Service name

unit of measurement


Purchase budget


DLP Vitron big screen special renovation



1.8 million yuan

(1)投标报价超过包组采购预算将被拒绝。 Remarks: (1) The bidding quotation exceeding the package purchase budget will be rejected.

供应商资格条件: Third, supplier qualification conditions:

1)在中华人民共和国注册的独立法人机构(提供营业执照或事业单位法人证书); ( 1) An independent legal entity registered in the People's Republic of China (providing a business license or a corporate legal person certificate);

2)投标方需要具备国家(省级)或军队颁发的涉密资质或保密资质; ( 2) Bidders need to have secret or confidential qualifications issued by the state (provincial level) or the military;

3)投标方要求具备计算机系统集成四级 含) 以上资 质; ( 3) The bidder requires a computer system integration level 4 or above qualification ;

4)投标方要求具备ISO9001体系认证证书; ( 4) The bidder requires an ISO9001 certification;

5)本项目不接受联合体投标; ( 5) This project does not accept consortium bids;

6)符合军队法律和法规规定的其他条件。 ( 6) Comply with other conditions stipulated by military laws and regulations.

4. Time, place, method and selling price of negotiation documents

1)发售采购文件时间:2019年 10 16 日至 2019年 10 22 (节假日除外),上午9:00至11:00;下午14:00至17:00(北京时间) ( 1) Time for sale procurement documents: October 16 , 2019 to October 22 , 2019 (except holidays), 9:00 to 11:00 am; 14:00 to 17:00 pm (Beijing time)

2) 发售采购 文件地点: 深圳市罗湖区嘉宾路 2018号深华商业大厦裙楼6楼606室。 ( 2) Place for sale of procurement documents: Room 606, 6 / F, Podium, Shenhua Commercial Building, 2018 Jiabin Road, Luohu District , Shenzhen.

3)发售方式:投标单位指定专人现场购买 报名费为人民币 600元 ,不接受邮寄等其他方式。 ( 3) Selling method: The bidding unit designates a special person to purchase it on-site , the registration fee is RMB 600 , and other methods such as mailing are not accepted. The bidder shall provide the following materials when purchasing procurement documents:

3.1)营业执照(三合一)或事业单位法人证书(复印件加盖公章); ( 3.1) Business license (three-in-one) or certificate of legal person of the institution (photocopy with official seal);

3.2)ISO9001体系认证证书、计算机系统集成四级 以上证书(复印件加盖公章); ( 3.2) Certificate of ISO9001 system certification, computer system integration level 4 ( inclusive ) or above (copy with official seal);

3.3)授权代表身份证明文件(法定代表人提供身份证复印件,非法定代表人提供法人授权书原件及身份证复印件); ( 3.3) Identity certificate of authorized representative (the legal representative provides a copy of the ID card, the illegal representative provides the original legal person's authorization letter and a copy of the ID card);

V. Time, place and method of submission of quotation documents

2019 10 24 8 3 0 分至 9 0 0 分(北京时间)。 (1) Delivery time of quotation documents: October 30 , 2019 , 8:30 to 9 : 00 (Beijing time). Negotiating quotes will begin later.

深圳市罗湖区嘉宾路 2018号深华商业大厦裙楼6楼6 18 (如有变化,另行通知),谈判报价在同一地点进行。 (2) Place for submitting quotation documents: Room 6 18, 6 / F, Podium, Shenhua Commercial Building, No. 2018 Jiabin Road, Luohu District , Shenzhen (if there is any change, further notice), the quotation will be held at the same place.

(3) Quotation method: designate a special person to submit the quotation document. Other methods such as mailing are not accepted.

http://www.weain.mil.cn/) 、深圳市国际招标有限公司 www.sztc.com)、中国政府采购网(http://www.ccgp.gov.cn/) 等网站 发布。 6. The relevant information of this procurement project is on the "Army Weapon Information Purchasing Information Network" ( http://www.weain.mil.cn/) , Shenzhen International Tendering Co., Ltd. ( www.sztc.com), and the Chinese Government Procurement Network (Http://www.ccgp.gov.cn/) and other websites .

Contact information of purchaser and purchasing agent

Purchaser: Hunan Army

Purchaser Address: Huaihua City, Hunan Province

符参谋 Contact: Fu Staff

0745-7883158、15115219917 Phone: 0745-7883158, 1515219917

Purchasing agency: Shenzhen International Tendering Co., Ltd.

2018号深华商业大厦裙楼6楼606室 Address of Purchasing Agency: Room 606, 6th Floor, Podium, Shenhua Commercial Building, 2018 Jiabin Road, Luohu District , Shenzhen

Contact: Chen Gong, Zeng Gong

0755-22918644、22906754、13929506167 Phone: 0755-22918644, 22906754, 13929506167

0755-22273674 Fax: 0755-22273674

753892543@qq.com Email: 753892543@qq.com

Account name: Shenzhen International Tendering Co., Ltd.

Bank account: Ping An Bank Shenzhen Jiangsu Branch

号:(人民币) 11002982389707(用于支付投标保证金) Account number : (RMB) 11002982389707 (for payment of bid security)

号:(人民币) 11002982389701(用于支付中标服务费) Account number : (RMB) 11002982389701 (used to pay the bid winning service fee)

word或excel可编辑版本发至邮箱: zhaobiao0755@163.com ,谢谢!内容请仔细核对,以免无法开具发票或无法错票核销。) (Note: If your company is a general taxpayer, you must add the following VAT billing information before purchasing documents: full company name, tax identification number, company registered address, office phone, bank, account number, contact person and phone number An editable version of the data word or excel is sent to the mailbox: zhaobiao0755@163.com , thank you! Please check the content carefully to avoid being unable to issue an invoice or cancel the wrong ticket.)

DLP Vetron large screen special renovation project project announcement

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