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Announcement of Competitive Negotiation of 65-inch Teaching Classes and All-in-One Computer Equipment in Nankang Education Bureau, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province

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According to the Kangcai Zhao (2019) No. 61 issued by the Procurement Office of the People's Government of Nankang District, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Yinxing Tendering Agency Co., Ltd. was commissioned by the Education Bureau of Nankang District, Ganzhou City, and now it has a 65-inch teaching class Machinery and equipment and other items are under competitive negotiation. Domestic qualified suppliers are welcome to respond.

I. Project Number: JXYX2019-NK-J001-1

Second, the purchase content:

Serial number

item name



Main technical specifications and requirements

Budget amount (yuan)


65-inch teaching class

twenty four


I. Overall design requirements:

1. Built-in integrated design, without any visible internal functional module connection lines.

2. All aluminum alloy frame design.

3. Each module can be disassembled independently, avoiding dismantling and maintenance of the whole machine.

4. Power requirements: AC 220V 20%, 100 ~ 240V wide voltage.

5. The signal terminal port has the function of anti-static interference to ensure the stability of the signal between externally connected equipment and the safety of the equipment.

6. In order to ensure the display effect, there is no obvious printed pattern and text mark on the display screen and touch area.

7. The whole machine only needs to connect a network cable to achieve simultaneous networking of Windows and Android systems. (The response document provides a scanned copy of the original test (inspection) report issued by a CMA-approved third-party testing agency and stamps the manufacturer's official seal. Failure to provide or provide unqualified response is invalid.)

8. The whole machine has passed the product reliability inspection and the MTBF is greater than 80,000 hours.

9. When external computer equipment is connected, if the whole machine is turned off and powered on, it will automatically turn on after connecting the external computer. If the whole machine is in normal use, the device can automatically identify and switch to the corresponding signal source channel, and return to the previous channel after disconnection. You can choose to confirm before the automatic jump, and then jump after the confirmation.

10. When the whole machine is connected with an external computer device and connected with a touch line, the external computer can directly read the U disk inserted in the whole machine and identify USB connection devices such as page flip pens, wireless keyboards and mice connected to the whole machine.

11. Support to access quick whiteboard , spotlight , stopwatch, countdown, countdown day and other gadgets in any channel.

12. The device supports DBX sound effects, which can achieve surround sound quality, and supports users to turn on / off the DBX sound effects function at any time in the menu.

Second, the TV system parameters:

1. Screen type: 65-inch LED LCD screen with 16: 9 display ratio, anti-glare effect.

2. The screen image resolution reaches 1920 * 1080, and the display performance meets the requirements of FHD high-definition point-to-point.

3. The screen display gray level resolution level is above 128 gray levels, which ensures that the screen display effect is delicate.

4. Input terminals: ≥1 VGA; ≥1 Audio; ≥1 AV; ≥1 YPbPr; ≥2 HDMI; ≥1 TV RF; ≥2 USB, at least one can be automatically switched with the channel, convenient It can be used in any channel when connected to other devices; ≥1 Line in; ≥1 RS232 interface; ≥1 RJ45.

5. Output terminal: ≥1 headphone ; ≥1 coaxial output; ≥1 Touch USB out.

6. Image format: PAL / SECAM / NTSC

7. Speaker output power: 10 watts x 2

8. Built-in wireless network card: support 802.11 b / g / n

Third, the touch screen parameters:

1. Using infrared touch technology, support ten-point touch and ten-point writing in Windows and Android systems.

2. Writing method: touch with finger or pen

3. Touch response time <15 ms

4. Effective recognition by touch ≥6mm

5. Positioning resolution: 32767 * 32767

6. Infrared touch screen system communication port: USB

7. Touch accuracy: The effective recognition height of the entire screen touch is less than 4.5mm, that is, when the height of the touch object from the outer surface of the glass is less than 4.5mm, the touch screen is recognized as a click operation to ensure accurate touch.

8. The touch screen has an anti-blocking function. The touch receiver can write normally after single-point or multi-point blocking, ensuring the smoothness of the teacher's classroom operations.

9. The touch screen has anti-light interference function, and can still work normally under the illumination of 80K LUX.

Fourth, the embedded system parameters:

1. In the state without PC, the embedded Android operating system can realize the teaching application functions commonly used in the Windows system, such as whiteboard writing, use of Office software, web browsing, etc.

2. Under the embedded Android operating system, it can automatically classify the courseware files read by TV Multimedia USB, which can quickly sort and find office documents, music, videos, pictures and other files. After retrieval, you can open them directly in the interface .

3. In the state without a PC, it supports directly starting the video booth under the embedded system, which can be annotated, rotated, and screenshots. It also supports two-screen or four-screen display of the booth contents at the same time, and the screen content can be changed at will.

4. In the state without PC, the embedded interactive whiteboard supports different background colors, and also provides subject-specific backgrounds, such as: staff, letter paper, Tianzi grid, English grid, etc.

5. Intelligent eye protection system: When the teacher uses the whiteboard software on the embedded system, the whole machine intelligently adjusts the screen brightness according to the user's writing operation to protect the teacher's visual health while ensuring the display effect.

6. Color changing function: After selecting the handwriting or shape on the embedded system, the teacher can choose different colors, change the color of the handwriting or shape, distinguish various types of content, and highlight the key points.

7. In the absence of a PC, the embedded Android operating system supports the super calculator function, which can perform primary calculations, intelligent solving of equations (groups), and automatic differentiation and integration. The calculator can also intelligently draw functions based on user-entered functions. Images to improve teacher classroom efficiency.

8. The whole machine does not need an external wireless network card. It can access the wireless network under the embedded system and switch to the windows system to realize the wireless Internet function at the same time, without the need to manually repeat the settings.

Five, built-in computer configuration:

1. Modular computer solution, with pull-in built-in type, adopting 120pin or above interface to realize plug-in without separate wiring. (The response document provides a scanned copy of the original test (inspection) report issued by a CMA-approved third-party testing agency and stamps the manufacturer's official seal. Failure to provide or provide unqualified response is invalid.)

2. Using push-button buckle, you can quickly remove the computer module without tools.

3. Processor: Intel Core i5, clocked at 2.5GHz or above with four cores and four threads, memory: 4G DDR3 or above, hard disk: 128G solid state disk, built-in WiFi: IEEE 802.11n standard, built-in network card: 0M / 100M / 1000M.

4. Computer USB interface with independent non-external expansion: at least 6 USB interfaces on the computer, including at least 2 USB3.0 interfaces.

5. Has independent non-external expansion video output interface: HDMI 1 or more, DP 1 or more, convenient for teachers to use their own laptops for teaching operations.

6. With standard PC anti-theft lock hole to ensure the security of the computer module.

7. Built-in network card: support 10M / 100M / 1000M adaptive

6. Electronic whiteboard software:

1. The overall design of the software is concise and fresh. The main interface only retains commonly used function buttons, which is easy to learn and easy to use.

2. Writing: Hard pen, highlighter, brush, row brush, laser pen, seal pen, texture pen are provided. The default stroke thickness is different depending on the scene in which the pen is used.

3. Eraser: Support point erase, select erase and slide clear.

4. Multi-point support: Support multi-point scaling and rotation of pictures and graphic objects, and support simultaneous writing operations of six points or more.

5. Text input and handwriting recognition: Provide two methods of keyboard text input and Chinese and English handwriting recognition input.

6. The integration of lesson preparation and teaching, with lesson preparation mode and lesson teaching mode, and the operation interface is designed differently according to the different preparation and lesson use scenarios, which meets the needs of users.

7. Support the teacher's personal account registration and login. You can also quickly identify and log in through the USB key.

8. Support courseware cloud storage, no need to use U disk and other storage devices , teachers only need to log in to get cloud courseware.

9. Support courseware cloud synchronization, all modifications and operations on courseware can be synchronized to the cloud in real time, no need to save and upload separately, to ensure that multiple terminals call the same courseware are the latest version.

10. Support group management of cloud courseware. Users can customize the group name and manage the courseware according to their needs.

11. Support peer-to-peer sharing of cloud courseware. Users can directly send courseware to other users in the software, and can also directly receive and open courseware shared by other users in the software.

12. Support the feedback mechanism. Teachers can send questions and feedback to the original factory through software, and support text and pictures.

13. Support automatic silent upgrade of software networking, without manual update by users.

14. Courseware background: Provide no less than 22 background templates for teachers to choose, and support custom backgrounds.

15, text box: support text input and can quickly set font, size, color, bold, italics, underline, superscript, subscript, bullets, to facilitate the input of complex text such as index, chemical formula. You can set text alignment, indentation, line height, etc.

16. Multimedia import: Support importing multimedia files such as pictures, audio and video for lesson preparation, compatible with the following format: rm \ rmvb \ wmv \ avi \ mp4 \ 3gp \ mkv \ flv \ mp3 \ wav \ wma \ ogg \ aac \ png \ bmp \ jpg \ jpeg \ gif \ flash

17. Art Word: Provide no less than 15 kinds of preset art word effects for selection, to beautify the text.

Basic graphics: Supports basic graphics such as straight lines, arrows, squares, rounded quads, parallelograms, circles, isosceles triangles, right triangles, rhombuses, trapezoids, and pentagons.

18. Advanced graphics: support for special graphics such as dialog boxes, pentagrams, braces, flags, etc. At the same time, it supports custom drawing of complex arbitrary polygons and curved edges.

19. Graphic editing: Supports the color, border, shadow, reflection, transparency and other property settings for graphic objects.

20. Trigger animation: support at least 10 or more trigger animation settings, which can be set individually to trigger by turning the page or clicking on the object itself, and some animations can customize the presentation time and action direction.

21 Rotate and Mirror: Supports operations such as rotating shapes and graphics, generating mirrored graphics, and facilitating teachers to quickly process graphics.

22. Page turning animation: support at least 5 or more courseware page turning animation settings.

23. Picture cropping: You can crop imported pictures without adjusting the screenshot tool and adjust the cropping border.

24. Mask tool: hide the input text, pictures, and shape masks with one click. In the teaching mode, you can erase the mask to display pictures, which enriches the interactive display effect of courseware.

25. Multimedia RBI: Supports RBI audio and video files. Multiple nodes can be set at any position on the audio and video progress bar to avoid complex audio and video clips. It is convenient for teachers to quickly locate key teaching content.

26. Interactive classification games: Support the creation of interactive classification games, which can customize different categories and corresponding objects, and realize that the classification can be automatically identified by dragging different objects into the corresponding category container, and there are corresponding prompts for correct or wrong classification. The style and number of categories and objects can be customized. The system needs to provide no less than 10 game templates. You can easily generate interactive classification games by directly selecting and entering the corresponding content, which will improve the fun of the classroom.

27. Smart word-filling: support the creation of smart word-filling and blanking games. Teachers can edit the blank-filling questions and corresponding answer options at will, and drag the options to the corresponding blank spaces, and the system will automatically determine whether the answers are correct. The system needs to provide no less than 9 game templates for teachers to choose, and the template style supports custom modification.

28. Mathematical formula editor: Support input of complex mathematical formulas, provide no less than 20 mathematical symbols and templates, and output formula contents support different color markings and secondary editing.

29. Mathematical function image drawing:

Contains linear functions, quadratic functions, power functions, exponential functions, logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions, etc., covering all common function types of elementary, junior and senior high schools. Scalable function image and coordinate axis, can display coordinate grid, function graph can be re-edited after generation.

30. After inputting the function expression, the corresponding function image is generated immediately. The software comes with a professional function input keyboard, which contains all kinds of function symbols commonly used in mathematics, such as sin, cos, tan, log, ln, e, π, root Number, absolute value symbol, etc.

31. Support drawing 6 or more function expressions at the same time, which can display the coordinates of the intersection point where the function and the function image intersect with each other and the function and the coordinate axis intersect.

32. Chemical equation editor: supports quick editing of chemical equations. When a chemical element is entered, the software interface will automatically display a number of commonly used chemical reaction equations related to the element, and the teacher can choose to use it directly. The inserted chemical equation can be edited again.

33. Four lines and three grids: Support for the four lines and three grids dedicated to English, and supporting the handwriting design of the human English version of the auxiliary teaching materials.

34. Multi-disciplinary question bank:

Provide no less than 300,000 questions for teachers to use.

Covering elementary school, junior high school, high school, university, the middle school part includes 9 university subjects including language, mathematics, English, physics, chemistry, biology, politics, history, geography.

35. The total knowledge of the question bank is not less than 9,000. In addition to basic question types such as selection, filling in blanks, and judgment, it also includes the appreciation and appreciation of ancient poetry, filling in blanks, writing, reading comprehension, analysis of materials, and experimental exploration. Research, language expression, etc.

36. Multiple questions can be selected in batches and inserted into the whiteboard in the form of interactive test cards. The test card contains questions, answers, and analysis, and can be expanded, collapsed, and analyzed in one click in real time.

37. Tool customization: Supports custom setting of the teaching mode whiteboard tool buttons. Teachers can choose teaching tools that meet their own teaching needs, and the customized results of teaching tools can be saved in sync with courseware content in the cloud.

38. Geometric drawing board function:

① Support the insertion of online sketchpads in the whiteboard, which can be opened with one click during the lecture, which is convenient for the teacher to explain with the content of the courseware.

② Provide more than 500 mathematical drawing board resources, covering the main knowledge points of mathematics subjects in primary, junior high school, and high school, and classify according to the knowledge points for teachers to find.

③ The drawing board resources are highly interactive, which is helpful for teachers to explain abstract knowledge points, such as the mutual conversion of quadrilateral resources at the elementary school level, which can support click to switch the quadrilateral form dynamically; the square difference formula resource at the middle school stage, which can support the graphical display of the calculation principle of the square difference formula, and You can change the value and repeat the demonstration.

④ Support teachers to create personal sketchpads. In addition to the basic elements such as points, lines, and graphics, the sketchpads can also provide dozens of common mathematical tools such as midpoints, elliptical focus, and polar coordinate equations to ensure teachers' daily preparation for lessons. After the creation is complete, the teacher can insert the artboard into the whiteboard with one click, and seamlessly connect with the courseware.

39. Chinese character tool: Support writing Chinese characters on the Tianzi grid and automatically recognizing them as print, which can display the pronunciation, stroke order, number of strokes, etc. of the Chinese character. Support user feedback of Chinese character errors to ensure the correctness of the font.

40. Pinyin tools: Support inputting pinyin letters in the pinyin grid, which can display the standard four-tone pronunciation and strokes of the letter.

English-Chinese dictionary: supports input of English words, generates word cards containing interpretations and pronunciations, can insert multiple word cards, and supports editing of word interpretations in the teacher's lesson preparation mode, or custom creation of words that are not included, and in the teaching mode Show.

41. Art drawing board: support art drawing board tools, provide pencil, brush, oil paintbrush, can realize the function of simulating palette, the teacher can freely choose different colors to mix and color, match any color.

Ruler tools: Provide ruler and compass tools, which can show the length of the teacher's drawn lines in real time, and support teachers to use compass tools to simulate real compasses drawing.

42. 3D planet model: Provide 3D three-dimensional planet model, including Earth, Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, support 360 free rotation, zoom display.

43. Earth teaching tools: provide three-dimensional earth teaching tools, clearly show the six major parts of the earth's surface, precipitation distribution, temperature distribution, climate distribution, population distribution, surface ocean currents, natural land belts, sea level pressure lines and other content, and support Three-dimensional and two-dimensional switching display is convenient for teaching geography.

44, micro-course video:

⑤ Provide more than 2000 micro-course videos, covering elementary, junior high, and high school, with no less than three major subjects in each semester.

⑥ Provide online streaming media playback, one-click download to courseware, two ways to facilitate teachers to insert vivid and interesting knowledge points at any time in the preparation or lesson.

⑦ The video supports teachers to mark at any time, and can jump to the mark by one click during playback. At the same time, you can also take a screenshot to the courseware.

44, ancient poetry resources:

⑧ Provide ancient poetry and ancient text resources covering elementary, junior and senior high schools, including original text, translation, background introduction, author introduction, recitation audio, etc.

⑨ Support users to search by category, dynasty, poet, etc., or directly search for poems, ancient names or author names.

⑩Provide no less than 9 kinds of special background templates for ancient poetry. Teachers can choose the appropriate background for teaching according to the artistic conception of ancient poetry.

? Each ancient poem, ancient text provides original text and translation, background introduction, author introduction, etc. At the same time, it supports one-click jump to open the webpage and display the corresponding background or author introduction.

? Support teachers to make notes, highlights and other operations on the original text when preparing lessons, so that teachers can explain key words.

Provide original text reading function, all poems and ancient texts are equipped with professional reading dubbing, and support teachers to do a bit of audio reading operations during class preparation, can play the selected segment in advance during class.



Sliding green board

twenty four


1. Structure: double-layer four-board structure inside and outside, the inner layer is two fixed writing pads flush with the front of the interactive smart tablet, the outer layer is two sliding writing pads, and the sliding board is equipped with a padlock, which can be easily opened and closed to ensure interactive smart tablets Safety management.

2. Basic size: 4000mm 1305mm ( 10mm), which can be adjusted according to the multimedia all-in-one machine to ensure effective matching with the multimedia all-in-one machine.

3. Writing board surface: Use high-quality painted steel plate, thickness ≥0.3mm, and cover with transparent protective film. The surface of the board is matt dark green, the writing on the board is smooth and the writing is clear and easy to wipe. The formaldehyde emission limit is 0.025mg / L, which complies with GB / T 28231-2011 "Safety and Hygienic Requirements for Writing Boards".

4.Inner core material: Use high-strength, sound-absorbing, moisture-proof, flame-retardant polystyrene board, thickness ≥15mm.

5. Back plate: high-quality galvanized steel is used, with 20mm patented reinforcing grooves at 80mm in longitudinal direction to enhance the strength of the board.

6.Frame: Use high-grade industrial electrophoretic aluminum alloy, the mold is extruded at one time; the horizontal (vertical) frame must adopt a double-layer reinforced structure with a thickness of ≥10mm. The upper frame is designed with a hanging gauge, and the lower frame is designed with an arc corner, which completely prevents the slideway from being affected by the chalk ash and chalk head blockage. During use, the chalk ash automatically falls into the dust groove on the lower frame of the blackboard.

7.Pulley: The upper wheel adopts the damping and noise-absorbing double-chassis hanging wheel, and the lower wheel adopts a 1-shaped flat wheel single sliding structure. The pulley uses high-precision bearings, which slides smoothly and the noise is low. The positioning is accurate without shaking when writing. Shake less than 0.5mm, durable. The number is more than 8 groups, evenly installed up and down, smooth push and pull, no jamming and sharp friction sound, good stability.

8. Dust trough: Equipped with an integrated dust trough with a width of ≥30mm to prevent dust from falling to the ground; the integrated design of the dust trough and the lower frame has no dust dead corners during cleaning; the dust trough is separated from the sliding system to prevent foreign bodies from blocking the slide.

9. Corner wrap material: Anti-aging high-strength ABS engineering plastic injection molding. Double-walled cavity streamline design, rounded corners ≥ R25mm, no sharp corner burrs,

10. Limit files: Slide board limit files are installed on both sides of the blackboard frame to prevent it from hitting the vertical frame when the blackboard is opened.



Wall-mounted booth

twenty four


First, the hardware parameters

1. The box body is made of sheet metal, the panel is supported by two metal pneumatic rods, the built-in chassis lock is safe and anti-theft, and the wall-mounted installation.

2. The booth is directly powered by a USB five-volt power supply, which is environmentally friendly and without radiation.

3. The USB connection in the box adopts a hidden design. There is no visible connection in the box and the USB port goes out, which effectively prevents dust accumulation and facilitates wiring and repair.

4. The booth uses 5 million pixels, A4 shooting format, 5 million dynamic video previews reach 10 frames / second, and 1080P dynamic video previews reach 15 frames / second.

5. Output format: MJPG.

6. Equipped with a fixed focus camera, the focusing distance can reach 10cm-44cm, which is convenient for teachers to display flat or three-dimensional objects.

7. There is LED fill light directly above the booth to ensure the brightness and display effect of the display area.

8. The fill light switch is designed with touch keys, and can also be controlled directly by the software in the smart tablet, which is convenient for teachers to operate.

9. Compatible with dual system operation. Both Windows system and Android system can use booth functions, including picture enlargement, reduction, rotation, annotation, etc.

Software parameters

1. Support zoom in, zoom out, rotation, adaptive, full screen, screenshot, lock, etc.

2. Support real-time annotation on the booth screen, preset multiple stroke thicknesses and colors for selection, and support simultaneous zooming and moving of the booth screen together with the annotation content.

3. Supports taking pictures and taking screenshots of the booth screen and previewing multiple pictures. You can perform full-screen display and deletion of any picture.

4, can choose a variety of scene modes such as images, text or dynamics, to adapt to different display content



Technical Services

twenty four


Equipment installation, application technical guidance and training


Total amount (yuan)

$ 360000.00

Note: This project only accepts domestic products (for detailed specifications and requirements, please refer to purchase project requirements)

3. Response method: The project does not accept a response from the consortium.

Fourth, the qualifications that the responding supplier should have:

1. Ability to independently assume civil liability;

2. Have a good business reputation and a sound financial accounting system;

3. Have the necessary equipment and professional technical capabilities to perform the contract;

4. Have a good record of paying taxes and social security funds in accordance with the law;

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