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Announcement of Bidding for the Second Phase of the Security Project of the East Campus of China University of Petroleum (Beijing)

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Announcement of Bidding for the Second Phase of the Security Project of the East Campus of China University of Petroleum (Beijing)

Project Name: Second Phase Procurement Project of China University of Petroleum (Beijing) East Campus Security System

Item Number: GC-HG4190029

The central government agency's government procurement center conducts open tenders for the following goods or services and invites qualified bidders to conduct encrypted electronic bidding.

1. Tender Content

(1) Tender content:


(2) This project is not subcontracted

(3) Delivery time: delivery within 30 days after signing the contract and completion of installation and commissioning within 45 days and having acceptance conditions

(4) Delivery place: China University of Petroleum (Beijing) East Campus, No. 15 Nanhuan Road, Changping District, Beijing

2. Budget Amount

The budgeted amount of this procurement project is: 31 billion yuan.

3. Government procurement policies to be implemented

This project implements relevant government procurement policies such as energy conservation and environmental protection, support for small and medium-sized enterprises, and financing guarantees.

4. A qualified bidder must meet the following conditions

(1) It complies with the provisions of Article 22 of the "People's Government of the People's Republic of China" and must be not listed on the "Credit China" website (www.creditchina.gov.cn), the Chinese government procurement website (www.ccgp .gov.cn) Channel credit record dishonest performers, list of parties involved in major tax violation cases, and bidders for government procurement records of serious dishonesty and dishonesty. (2) Qualification requirements of bidders: None.

5. Other requirements

(1) This project adopts the electronic bidding auxiliary system for bidding. Please read the “Notice on the Online Trial Operation of the Electronic Bid Invitation System of the Procurement Center” and related attachments before the bidding. ; Suppliers encountered any problems related to the use of the platform in the process of using the system to bid, can call the technical support hotline of the procurement center for consultation, contact information: 55603940

(2) Suppliers need to apply for digital certification certificate and electronic signature in advance for bidding. For details of handling methods and precautions, please refer to the "CA Services" column on the homepage of the Central Government Procurement Network. For suppliers who have applied for and have valid digital certification certificates, if they participate in the bidding activities of this project and other public bidding projects, they can contact the CA service agency to apply for a free electronic signature.

(3) The bidding training video of the electronic bidding auxiliary system for bidding is now online, please visit http://www.zycg.cn/article/show/436649. Suppliers can participate in the electronic bidding Q & A meeting held by the National Mining Center if they have any questions. The Q & A will only answer questions about the use of electronic systems to prepare bid documents and submit bid documents, and will not involve the specific content of the bid documents. Q & A session: Every Wednesday at 14:00, Venue: The first bid opening room of the Central State Organs Government Procurement Center. "

6. Method and time for obtaining bidding documents

From now until the deadline for bidding, log in to the "Central Government Procurement Network" (http://www.zycg.gov.cn/) to download the bidding documents for free.

7.Bid acceptance time, bid deadline and bid opening time

Bid Acceptance Time: From the time of announcement to 9: 00 on March 11, 2019 (Beijing time)

Deadline for submission of bids and opening of bids: 9:00 on March 11, 2019 (Beijing time)

Bid documents delivered after the deadline for bidding will be rejected.

8.Bid location and bid opening location

The National Opening Bid Opening Room (No. 9 Xichang Hutong, Xizhimennei Street, Xicheng District, Beijing), the legal representative of the bidder or his authorized bidder representative will be invited to attend the bid opening ceremony.

9. The rest of the relevant information of this project is published on the media such as "China Government Procurement Network" and "Central Government Procurement Network".

10. Contact information

Buyer name: China University of Petroleum (Beijing)

Address: No. 18 Fuxue Road, Changping District, Beijing

Phone: 010-89733226

Address of Purchasing Center: No. 9 Xichang Hutong, Xizhimennei Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

Postal Code: 100035

Project bidding document manager and telephone: Wang Zhen 55602563

Person in charge of project bidding documents and telephone: Hou Fengcheng 83083527

Contact and telephone for project review: Zhang Jianping 83083702

Li Ao 83083703

11. Announcement deadline

The announcement period of this tender announcement shall be 5 working days from the date of publication.

Central State Organs Government Procurement Center

February 18, 2019

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