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Announcement of the Public Bidding of the Public Bidding and Procurement Project for the Construction of the Smart Classroom of Qin'an First Middle School

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Gansu Haozhi Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. was commissioned by Qin'an County No.1 Middle School, approved by the government procurement management department, and in accordance with government procurement procedures, its public bidding for the wisdom classroom construction of Qin'an County No.1 Middle School was commissioned in the form of open tender Procurement, qualified bidders are welcome to come to participate.

I. Tender document number: TGZC2018-226

Second, the purchase project name and budget:

1.1 Procurement Project Name: Public Bidding Procurement Project for the Construction of Smart Classroom in Qin'an First Middle School

1.2 Total procurement budget: 466,100 yuan

2. Purchasing requirements:

2.1 The functions or goals of the procurement target, and the requirements to be fulfilled in order to implement the government procurement policy.

Satisfy the knowledge learned by students in normal classes, and help teachers improve the quality of teaching.

2.2 The relevant national standards, industry standards, local standards or other standards and specifications to be implemented in the procurement target.

2.2.1 The purchased goods must pass the quality inspection to meet the relevant national requirements; the acceptance of the goods is carried out according to the relevant national and industry standards.

2.3 The quality, safety, technical specifications, physical characteristics and other requirements of the purchase target:

See the technical specifications of the bidding documents for details.

2.4 Number of purchase targets, time and place of delivery or implementation of purchase items

Purchase quantity:

Serial number





Student tablet




Teacher tablet




Smart Cloud Classroom Interactive Platform




Resources for smart classroom teachers




Smart classroom management system




Smart classroom cloud box




Mobile charging cabinet (68 seats)



(For specific technical requirements, please refer to the bidding documents.)

Implementation time: Delivery within 20 calendar days from the date of notice by the purchaser.

Place of implementation: designated by the purchaser.

Requirements for bidder qualifications:

1. Comply with Article 22 of the "People's Republic of China Government Procurement Law";

2. A legal and valid original business license (copy), original tax registration certificate (copy), and original organization code certificate (copy). If the three certificates are combined, a business license with a unified social credit code (copy) ) The original, the original account opening permit, the original social insurance voucher to provide the bidder in 2018, the legal person's power of attorney, the legal person's ID card copy, the original ID card

3. The original letter of notification of the inquiry results of the bribery crime file issued by the procuratorate of the project location or company registration place from the date of this announcement;

4. Post-qualification review of this project will not be accepted.

The bidding supplier must be on the "Credit China" website (www.creditchina.gov.cn) to record the list of people who have performed breach of trust, the list of parties involved in major tax violation cases, or the serious breach of trust in government procurement. Prohibited from participating in government procurement activities in the Procurement Network (www.ccgp.gov.cn) Government Procurement Information Record of Serious Illegal and Dishonest Acts; Not included in the "Credit Gansu" website (www.gscredit.gov.cn) Only the executor or the principal responsible for dishonesty in the field of financial fund management and use, the company with serious dishonesty in the field of statistics, and its related personnel can participate in the bidding for this project. (Through the deadline for submission of bids on the "Credit China" website (www.creditchina.gov.cn), China Government Procurement Network (www.ccgp.gov.cn) and the "Credit Gansu" website (www.gscredit.gov.cn) The results of the inquiry shall prevail. If the relevant dishonesty record becomes invalid, the supplier shall provide relevant proof materials).

Fourth, bid evaluation method: comprehensive scoring method

V. Information Registration Instructions:

In order to standardize the business process of the trading platform and provide users with convenient and efficient services, and further implement the requirements for the reform of “decentralized management services”, bidders who intend to participate in public resource trading activities in Gansu Province must first register and register on the Tianshui Public Resource Trading Online. , Bidders can choose any of the following methods to register, log in, and register:

Method 1: Suppliers who intend to participate in Tianshui City's public resource transaction activities register on Tianshui City's public resource transaction website to fill in relevant content and obtain login permissions. After obtaining the login authority, log in using the “user name + password + verification code” method, register the project to participate in the bidding registration, download the bidding document for free after successful registration, and pay the deposit for the project to be participated in according to the “registration number” generated by the system. , The "registration number" system will be sent to the supplier's mobile phone in real time.

Method 2: Suppliers who intend to participate in Tianshui City's public resource transaction activities register online with Tianshui City's public resource transaction and obtain a CA digital certificate. Log in with the obtained CA digital certificate, register the project to participate in the bidding registration, download the bidding document for free after successful registration, and pay the deposit for the project to be participated according to the "registration number" generated by the system. The "registration number" system will send it in real time To the supplier phone.

The login method of “Username + Password + Verification Code” is parallel to the CA digital certificate login method, and the supplier can choose the login method. CA digital certificates are handled by market operating entities that meet relevant regulations. Vendors who have obtained a CA digital certificate can still use it normally on the Tianshui City Public Resources Trading Network.

Note: The information provided must be true and valid.

6. Time, place and method for obtaining bidding documents:

1. Time for obtaining bidding documents: 00:00 on May 25 , 2018-23:59:59 on May 31 , 2018 , please log in to the website of Tianshui Public Resources Trading Center ( to download online .

7. Deadline for bid submission, time and place for bid opening:

1. Deadline for bidding: before 9:40 on June 20 , 2018, overdue will no longer be accepted.

2. Bid opening time and place: 9:40 on June 20 , 2018 at Tianshui Public Resource Trading Center (the first bid opening hall on the second floor of No. 2 Xinhua Road, Chengji Avenue, Qinzhou District).

8. Before the deadline for submission of bidding documents, suppliers should actively log in to the Gansu Government Procurement Network in order to understand the relevant bidding information and supplementary information in time. If the relevant information is not obtained due to not actively logging in to the website, the supplier shall bear the unfavorable factors.

Nine, the contents of the tender deposit account and instructions for submission:

Account Name: Tianshui Public Resource Trading Center

Bank: China Construction Bank Co., Ltd. Tianshui Bank Business Office

Account number: 62001630101051513517

Deadline for bid security: 48 hours before the deadline for submitting bid documents.

(1) The bidding unit can only pay the deposit through wire transfer, and does not accept other forms of bid deposit;

(2) The bidder must submit the bid deposit by wire transfer from the basic account, and the name of the bid deposit unit must be consistent with the name of the unit registered by the bidder, and must not be submitted in the name of a branch, office or other institution;

(3) When the bidder handles the formalities of the bid deposit wire transfer, the 8-digit bid registration number of the bid item corresponding to the bid deposit must be indicated on the sidebar of the bank wire transfer slip. Failure to fill in or mistakenly fill in the bid registration number in the remittance slip, the transaction system will not be able to identify the project bidding section (package) corresponding to the security deposit, which will result in invalidation of the bidding; A security deposit will invalidate the bid.

X. Government procurement policies that need to be implemented for procurement projects:

The "People's Republic of China Government Procurement Law", "Implementation Regulations of the People's Republic of China Government Procurement Law", and "Administrative Measures for Government Procurement of Goods and Services Tendering and Bidding" and other policies and regulations shall be procured in an open, fair and just manner according to law. At the same time, it is strictly forbidden to bid for subcontracting projects of enterprises. Otherwise Party A may terminate the contract or refuse to pay the funds.

11. Contact information:

Buyer: Qin'an First Middle School

Contact: Zhou FuhongTelephone: 13938873050

Address: Xingquan Village, Xingguo Town, Qin'an County

Procurement Agency: Gansu Haozhi Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.

Address: Taisheng Building, No. 19 Zhangye Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province

Contact Name: Zhao Bin Phone: 17752230619

Gansu Haozhi Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.

May 24, 2018

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