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GDSM smart management system was awarded "Shenzhen Good Product"

January 10, 2020 10:20 Source: China Digital Audiovisual Network Font [ Big Middle Small ]

[Digital Audio-visual Network News] Jiehe Technology GDSM intelligent business display management system was awarded "Shenzhen Good Product". The awards ceremony was held on January 7, 2020 in Nanshan Kexing Science Park. This award is the industry's affirmation of Jiehe's intelligent business display management system, as well as Jiehe's independent research and development and technological innovation.

In order to sum up experience, recognize advanced, set an example, better serve the development of the industry and enterprises, and promote the development of the computer industry, the Shenzhen Computer Association organized a 10-day online preliminary review of experts, and organized experts in the afternoon of December 10, 2019 The on-site review and selection of the commendation list of "outstanding people, outstanding companies, good products in Shenzhen" in 2019. Mr. Zhou Yan, Director of Jiehe Technology Product Operations Department, attended the commendation conference and received the award on behalf of Jiehe.

Caption: Mr. Zhou Yi (7th from right), Director of Jiehe Technology Product Operations Department, came to the stage to receive the award

The award-winning Jiehe GDSM smart business display management system (GDSM + G1568 multi-screen splicing player) is a set of information release management system that can support localization and network deployment at the same time, which can realize the equipment and resources (cloud, playback Content) centralized control and unified management. The newly released GDSM3.0 version integrates five core functions of information release, stitching management, AI face recognition technology, big data analysis, and remote control. Through a streamlined system architecture and efficient one-stop deployment capability, it can help businesses optimize advertising delivery. Management to enhance the value of content dissemination.

G1568 is a powerful video wall media player independently developed by Jiehe Technology, which can support 15-screen splicing. With GDSM, you can achieve any splicing of 15 screens, no complicated equipment and wiring, no need to control the front-end and asynchronous, and you can remotely operate by connecting the screen line. At the same time, G1568 player can also support 3 * 5, 5 * 3, 1 * 15, 15 * 1 and other splicing modes that are not restricted by the graphics card driver.

The fifteen-screen multi-screen splicing solution breaks the limitations of hard splicing, supports picture-in-picture, layered editing, and simultaneous playback of multiple formats of media resources. It is an excellent solution to achieve multi-screen in a hall and customize on demand. At the same time, this solution also supports various forms of stitching modes, including horizontal, vertical, and heteromorphic (splicing and non-splicing heterogeneous coexistence). Through the GDSM background centralized management and control capabilities, it can achieve splicing management, content management (editing / publishing / autoplay / Automatic update, etc.), AI face recognition, big data analysis and other functions.

About GDSM

GDSM (Giada Digital Signage Management System) is a new generation of digital signage software and hardware integrated application platform created by Jiehe Technology with years of industry experience and professional software and hardware design and manufacturing capabilities, focusing on market demand. GDSM has transformative innovations in digital signage splicing management, operation and maintenance, and system front-end compatible expansion, which can further bring value to customers and help smart retail, government and enterprise offices, medical services, public transportation, hotel entertainment, and more industries. Digital and intelligent upgrade.

Jiehe Technology

Jiehe Technology focuses on new retail, smart education and medical, corporate and public services, industrial automation, and is determined to become a leader in global Internet of Things, artificial intelligence products, equipment and solutions! After 20 years of development, the company has become a first-class An international group company with integrated agile supply chain system of production, research, supply and marketing. At present, there are logistics and sales branches in North China, Central China, South China, Hong Kong, the United States, and Europe. Products and services have covered more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

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