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Newline and listed companies deploy smart meeting room solutions

January 9, 2020 15:27 source: China Digital Audiovisual Font [ Big Middle Small ]

[Digital Audio-Visual Network News] At present, the "China Construction 2035" development strategy is steadily implemented, and the intelligent concept empowers the management and operation of construction enterprises to become a hot spot in the industry! As the first listed company in the field of construction engineering informatization in China, Guanglianda After more than 20 years of development, it has 5 major R & D centers, more than 60 branches / subsidiaries in a global layout, and sales and service networks covering more than 200 cities worldwide. At the same time of rapid growth, the internal communication and collaboration of enterprises are becoming more and more important. Meeting room management is facing great challenges and urgently needs to be improved.

Recently, Guanglianda Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guanglianda) has fully deployed the newline intelligent conference room standard platform solution, allowing the entire process of conference room management and use to enter a new realm, greatly improving the efficiency of communication and collaboration. attention!


Hit the pain point, conference room management and application once and for all

Guanglian's conference room application pain points are very representative: employees complain that they cannot find available conference rooms; reservations are too cumbersome; conference equipment is not easy to use, etc ... At the same time, managers are wasted by conference room resources and human inspection costs Problems such as strenuous efforts and inability to manage uniformly have been stigmatized.

With pains and pains, Guanglianda put forward three practical requirements for the intelligent upgrade of conference rooms: realizing rapid reservation of conference rooms, visual presentation of conference room status, and improving the efficiency of local and remote communication and collaboration through smart devices. The newline intelligent conference room standard platform solution meets Guanglianda's needs, wins trust with perfect performance and professional quality, and successfully completes this important project.

The newline intelligent conference room system has five highlights. First, it adopts a modular design, which has the advantages of flexibility and independence compared to the traditional bus mode. The display and sensors of each conference room form a group of modules to avoid single points. Failures affect other conference rooms; secondly, newline's series of professional video conferencing, remote collaboration software / hardware devices have industry-leading intelligent advantages, powerful functions, and easy operation. Third, each employee knows the usage of the conference room, not only can easily make appointments, check the hardware equipment, but also understand the status and schedule of the conference room through the doorplate system. Fourth, implement unified equipment management, reduce operation and maintenance workload, remotely monitor equipment status, and perform operations such as upgrades and restarts. Fifth, the equipment is beautiful and the installation is simple. The smart doorplate only needs to be connected to the nearby weak motor room through a POE network cable, and the sensor assembly can be expanded as needed.

Intelligent innovation, comprehensive improvement of large, medium and small conference room scenes

Now, every employee of Guanglianda can easily reserve a conference room. The newline intelligent conference room management platform is seamlessly connected with the enterprise OA system. It can be reserved directly with the OA system or through Outlook, and the logs on both sides can be synchronized. You can also make an appointment directly to quickly occupy the meeting room. More importantly, the physical conference room and remote conference can be linked together to make an appointment. The video conference cloud platform is ready and employees can directly start remote conferences.

When I came to the office area of Guanglianda, a newline wall-mounted smart conference doorplate was installed at the entrance of each conference room. The screen displays today's appointment schedule, and there are indicators to remind the conference room status: red when meeting, and green. It is worth noting that the human body induction sensor installed on the ceiling can monitor in real time whether there is someone in the conference room and connect the house number indicator. When someone enters temporarily, it is yellow. When the person leaves for 5 minutes, the indicator turns back to green and the system automatically releases. Meeting room resources to address vacancy and redistribution of meeting rooms.

Guanglianda has different sizes and types of meeting room space. It has been comprehensively upgraded through the newline intelligent meeting room system. Let us understand them one by one.

A large conference room of 40-50 square meters is equipped with a conference system , desktop control screen, smart door number, sensors, etc. The video conference schedule can be presented on the desktop control screen, and "one-click meeting" can break through the space barrier and make employees more Quickly communicate face to face with domestic and overseas colleagues and customers.

20-30 square meters of medium-sized conference rooms, equipped with conference systems, smart doorplates, sensors, etc. Among them, the conference system enhances the sound quality through the expansion of the microphone, and uses the touch screen to join the conference, mute and other remote video conference software operations.

15-20 square meters of collaborative meeting rooms, using newline conference tablets, smart door plates, sensors, etc., without other equipment can achieve remote video conferences, touch operation and writing annotations make the local conference communication and collaboration more efficient.

The newline conference tablet is the core of the collaborative conference room. It has the advantages of exquisite pictures, ultra-wide viewing angle, and powerful functions. On-screen interaction, built-in multiple brushes, smooth writing and annotation, can insert various documents, have functions such as voting and scoring, and can record audio and video content, save meeting minutes and scan code to take away.

Above, we see that the newline intelligent conference room standard platform solution not only solves the problems of difficult conference room booking and management chaos, but also more importantly, through intelligent software and hardware equipment, it creates a more advanced and humane conference room environment. Effectively eliminate wear and tear, stimulate work vitality, and provide strong support for the development of the company! Stay tuned for us to obtain newline innovative product solutions and project case information.

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