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Honghe projection show creates a colorful night of mist and phantom in Beihu

January 9, 2020, 09:21 source: Chinese digital audiovisual network font [ Big Middle Small ]

[Digital Audio-Visual Network News] The Honghe Engineering Display Team used two NEC PH3501QL + engineering projectors to create a 40-meter-wide water curtain show field, combined with a musical fountain, underwater light matrix, and fog forest, to form a water dance show. , The scene is gorgeous.

The new year, new sights, farewell to the wonderful 2019, and usher in the 2020 full of expectations. On the first day of the new year, for Nanchong, it was a greater joy. After more than half a year of comprehensive upgrading and reconstruction, the Beihu Park in Nanchong is in front of the public. The opening ceremony was grandly opened on January 1, 2020, and the screen of the "friend circle" in Nanchong was crazy.

Nanchong Beihu Park is not only a city landmark in Nanchong, but also a cultural consignment of more than 7 million people in Nanchong. It has accompanied the growth of generations. In the eyes of Nanchong people, Beihu Park is both an accompany and a memory. Different from before, the Beihu Park in Nanchong now displays the historical and cultural heritage of Beihu Park through a constantly changing combination of lights and fountains, and also presents a shocking visual feast for people.

Among them, Beihu Park's "Water Dance Show" is one of the most stunning visual scenes. The 40-meter-wide water curtain show field was created by the Honghe Engineering Display team. Combined with a musical fountain, underwater light matrix, and fog forest, all the lighting facilities formed a light and water dance show. The scene was colorful and shocking.

According to reports, the core part of the "Water Dance Show" scene is the water curtain show. This water curtain show was designed by the Honghe engineering display team, using two NEC PH3501QL + engineering projectors , supplemented by L4K-11ZM lenses. The water curtain is 40 meters wide and 20 meters high.

The water curtain show field created by high-brightness projection display is used to display beautiful natural landscapes, humanities and arts, historical changes, etc. The large display screen, coupled with dazzling colors, illuminate the entire Nanchong Beihu Park.

In addition to the water screen movie brought by the projector, Beihu Park is also equipped with a highly technological light show field around the show field, which is linked with the projection, fountain and surrounding lights to jointly build a gorgeous night light landscape.

The "water curtain show" in "Water Dance Show" assumes the main visual effect and can achieve such a display effect, which is inseparable from the characteristics and performance of this engineering projector.

First of all, it is realized as a large area in the open air, with water as the curtain, but also withstands the interference of ambient light, which has certain requirements for the brightness of engineering projectors. The NEC PH3501QL + engineering projector has a high brightness of 40,000 lumens, and can still show a vivid water screen movie picture under the conditions of large outdoor areas, long distances and ambient light.

In addition, NEC PH3501QL + has leading two-color laser technology. Its blue and red are pure lasers, surpassing DCI cinema-grade color performance, and is one of the best high-color, high-brightness laser technologies with the best cost performance. In addition, this series of projectors also achieved an extremely long service life of up to 20,000 hours.

In addition, PH3501QL + has excellent environmental adaptability, adopts the new CCT internal circulation heat dissipation system, and the optical part adopts a closed structure, which has excellent heat dissipation and dustproof effects, enabling the product to run stably for a long time and resist extreme weather environments. It is very suitable for the water environment of Beihu Park in Nanchong, which guarantees the normal operation of the water curtain show.

In the general direction of the country's promotion of strengthening cultural tourism construction, the Honghe Engineering Display team actively responded to the national call and added bricks to the construction of the national cultural tourism project, demonstrating the technical strength of the Honghe Engineering display team, combined with NEC's outstanding technology and products. It has contributed to the construction of cultural tourism projects in China.

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