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                • Ovia Cloud Interactive Technology Helps "Internet + Teaching and Research"

                  January 06, 2020 14:58 Source: China Digital Audiovisual Font [ Big Middle Small ]

                  [Digital Audio-visual Network News] Aoweiya and Guiyang Experimental Second Primary School organized the "Internet + Teaching and Research" of Changshun County First Primary School, Guangshun First Primary School, Yinjiang County First Primary School and Pingjiang Town Central School. "The event was successfully held.

                  Through Ovia Cloud interactive technology, break the boundaries of time and space, connect five teachers and students in Guiyang, five places, and achieve remote "1 + N" interactive teaching and research activities. This is a bold attempt for information-based teaching, and also for the future local "Internet + teaching and research The normalization of activities has laid a good foundation.

                  Ovia assists Guizhou Province in developing its first

                  "Internet + Teaching Research"

                  As the first "Internet + teaching and research" activity in Guizhou Province, the quickly attracted Guangming Daily client, Guizhou Daily Group client "Tianyan News", Guizhou Metropolis Daily official media client "Metro News" and Guizhou Radio and TV Station official Local clients such as the client "Dynamic" rushed to report. The Ovia Cloud interactive technology supporting this event has also attracted a lot of media attention.


                  Ovia promotes professional development of teachers in Guizhou Province

                  Shorten the gap between urban and rural education and promote balanced development of education

                  Aiming at the problems of imbalanced teachers' teaching levels and the large gap between urban and rural education in Guizhou Province, Ovia ’s “cloud + end” technology can realize large-scale interactive teaching activities and help local teachers to conduct remote and cross-regional “Internet + teaching and research” activity. Institutionalize the model of "quality schools with weak schools, excellent teachers with ordinary teachers", and effectively improve the teaching level of rural teachers.

                  Breaking Time and Space, One Click Interconnection: Saying Goodbye to Long-distance Teaching and Research

                  Through the cloud interactive system, school teachers in various regions of Guiyang can carry out regional network teaching and research activities anytime, anywhere. Teachers can not only interact with teachers in other regions through the classroom screen, but also communicate through mobile phones, computers, and PCs, so that teachers who cannot reach the scene can also participate in teaching and research activities.

                  It solves the problem that traditional teaching and research requires long-distance travel to various schools for lectures, while improving teaching and research efficiency and saving teaching and research expenses.

                  One screen, real-time interaction: real-time sharing of pictures and courseware

                  In this teaching and research activity, Guiyang Experimental No. 2 Primary School served as the main lecturer, and lectured on the subject of "Strategies for Solving Problems". The teacher and student screens and courseware screens of local classrooms were shared in real time, so that the teachers and students of the five schools could have the same class.

                  After the course, the teachers of the five schools conducted audio and video interactions through the cloud interactive system, and made interactive comments on the lectures of the Guiyang Experimental Second Primary School's lectures. They also carried out online interactive teaching and research such as topic research, grinding lesson preparation, and special seminars.

                  The “Internet + Teaching and Research” activity under the support of Avia Cloud Interactive Technology effectively promotes the overall improvement of local teachers' teaching and research work and the quality of education and teaching, shortens the gap between urban and rural education, and promotes the balanced development of education.

                  "Internet + Teaching and Research" New Trends in Future Teaching and Research!

                  With the rapid development of contemporary science and technology and the accelerated pace of informationization, the Internet is fully integrated into all aspects of society, and it has also brought about huge changes in education, teaching and research.

                  The "Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Deepening the Reform of the Teaching Staff in the New Era" clearly requires teachers to actively adapt to new technological changes such as informatization and artificial intelligence, and actively and effectively carry out education and teaching. Encourage teachers to use information technology to carry out regular teaching and research activities, improve teaching methods and improve teaching standards. Under such a rapid development of information technology, "Internet + teaching and research" is destined to become a new trend of future teaching and research.

                  As a provider of video interactive and intelligent teaching solutions, Alvaia has focused on the application of education informatization for 15 years. With excellent research and development technology, rich products and on-demand solutions, it has created successful teaching and research cases for more than 30,000 schools across the country. Provide strong support to promote the development of "Internet + teaching and research", improve the professional development level of teachers, and promote balanced education.

                  As the core enterprise of a listed company of central enterprise education, Ovia has not forgotten the original intention of science and technology service education, and keep in mind the mission of promoting balanced education. Integrate the resources of state-owned enterprises, maintain the quality of state-owned enterprises, shoulder the responsibility of state-owned enterprises, and strive to make greater contributions to the modernization of education in China with advanced science and technology and excellent service quality.

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