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Hangzhou Greentown Peach Blossom Source: Acoustic Living Room Video Space

——A immersive living room audio and video space
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Away from the bustling city,

Came to the Taohuayuan on the southern foot of Phoenix Mountain in Hangzhou,

The mountains and water are clear, the flowers and plants are fragrant, and the scenery is pleasant.

The protagonist of this case is located in this city "Peach Blossom Garden".

CineMore New

The warm winter sun is warm and quiet, and the blue sky and white clouds are flowing and melodious.

Large floor-to-ceiling windows, natural scenery from outside to inside,

In the winter afternoon, sitting in the living room for a while,

Listen to a melodious song and enjoy a pleasant time.

The high-end HIFI brand Swiss PIEGA speakers surround the surrounding,

The sound is fresh and transparent, clean and open, and comfortable, showing the contagious power of music.

The silver-white pure metal aluminum decorative shell perfectly matches the green bonsai to embellish the entire space.

At this moment, light and shadow, nature and sound, looked in between.

Stepping through the art corridor and entering the small guest room, a pair of bronze "water drops" came into view, which originated from Garvan speakers of Italian design brand.

With elegance in luxury and nobility in retro,

Hi-End audio with HD laser TV.

In the evening, night falls, and the lanterns come up.

Meet a few friends and have a quick sip.

Watching movies in the living room, large 180-inch screen,

Panoramic sound immersive sound effects, indulge in it and enjoy the ultimate movie viewing experience.

Three AUREA speakers from Spain's large space model brand are hidden in the front wall of the living room, each time with the plot "shock", excellent controllability and ease of release.

7.2.6 Panoramic living room theater system diagram

Like Spain ’s football, red wine, or bullfighter,

Warm and unrestrained, full and full of strength.

The big screen is a bright and joyful picture,

In my ears is cheerful music,

On the sloping ceiling of the eaves,

Six embedded ceiling speakers are hidden,

Co-created with the surrounding speakers, a strong sense of space surrounds the sound.

Hangzhou Greentown Taohuayuan integrates ecological natural landscape and idyllic living, and the living room audio and video space is just one aspect of the urban "Peach Blossom Source".

Project Location: Hangzhou Greentown Taohuayuan Villa Area

Living room theater design: CineMore Hangzhou design team

Solution design: Mr. Wang Yuan

Engineering: Mr. Shen Qi

CineMore has a top-quality professional team in the deep cultivation industry for decades, and has obtained KNX advanced training certificates, CEDIA certification, THX certification, ISF certification, and HAA certification.

CineMore design concept: With the in-depth concept of combining advanced design thinking with internationalized products, professional technology, and service awareness, it advocates "beyond the user's desire" as its purpose, and brings true high-quality audiovisual and Smart home feel and provide the most comprehensive services.

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