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Accurate color-BenQ eye color series design screens listed

December 27, 2019 10:56 source: China Digital Audiovisual Font [ Big Middle Small ]

[Digital Audiovisual Network News] Commercial display screen innovation, color expression is more and more important.

Retail Advertising Creator

When it comes to professional designers and photographers, no one cares about color accuracy. Especially in brand design that focuses on creativity and image. A little color value error will make the brand VI information improperly transmitted, forming a "not rigorous" and "unprofessional" brand impression. Even if at first glance the appearance of electronic posters is outstanding, it will eventually cause losses to brands and businesses.

Retail Advertising Users

With the development of display technology, retail owners, brand owners and merchants have pursued the pursuit of screen accuracy and accuracy, upgrading from 1080P to 4K Ultra HD resolution, not to mention, the requirements for color are becoming more stringent, not only to look good , And also hope to be exactly the same as the color tone you want.


As a result, BenQ launched the Pantone color-certified commercial display screen, the Jingcai series design screen, which serves the retail industry practitioners with increasingly stringent color requirements. It is also the world's first Pantone-certified commercial display screen.

Pantone color certification

About Pantone

Pantone, commonly known as Pantone in Chinese, is an authoritative color language that everyone knows in the design circle. It defines more than 10,000 colors and is used by more than 10 million designers in the world. It is a world-renowned color authority. The color communication system covering the fields of printing, textiles, plastics, graphics, digital technology and other fields has become the international standard language for communicating color information today.

Integrating product technology with Pantone's color evaluation expertise to create an accurate and beautiful store "beauty weapon", which brings the brand's flagship store an eye-catching color display effect. BenQ's display screens are located in major business district stores.

Comprehensively describe the product characteristics of the eye color series design screen, there are 6 points as follows:

1. The world's first commercial display screen that has passed Pantone color certification to ensure high color reproduction;

2. Able to cooperate with other Pantone-certified color equipment for coordinated operation;

3. Equipped with a custom color fine-tuning mode, which can flexibly adjust colors to meet the various artistic needs of professional designers;

4. Powerful built-in X-Sign software, rich templates make design easier and manage playback content easily;

5. Applicable to a variety of spaces, multi-functional design and simple operation process to improve the daily work efficiency of enterprises;

6. Equipped with powerful PID engine, stable and reliable operation.

When well-designed posters and videos are systematically broadcast on the commercial display screen, it is important to clearly display the details, and it is even more important to accurately display the colors that affect the design soul. Choosing an eye-catching series design screen with authoritative color certification can make the brand display effect stand out from a large number of stores. It is rigorous and professional.

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