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Audio enthusiasts tell you the ten elements you must know to buy audio

——Ten elements to buy audio
13:33, December 26, 2019 Source: China Digital Audiovisual Network Font [ Big Middle Small ]

[Digital Audiovisual Newsletter] 1. 2.0 sound or 2.1 sound?

Under the same price conditions, choose 2.0 speakers, this law basically holds. Excellent subwoofers are quite expensive. Most subwoofers on the market are okay to watch movies and play games. Basically, don't expect to listen to music. Although there are exceptions, they are few. From the perspective of listening to music, the 2.1 sound system is definitely not as good as the excellent 2.0 sound system. Although there are also subwoofers designed for music appreciation that are specifically designed to enhance the low frequency of specific bookshelf boxes, it is said that 2.1 can be achieved. Effect in 2.0, but unless I have practiced it, I generally don't recommend it.


Edifier sound: S201 2.I subwoofer sound

Second, small speakers (small unit speakers ) or large speakers (large unit speakers)?

If you don't consider the listening environment, the large-diameter speaker unit is generally better than the small-diameter speaker. However, the larger the speaker unit, the higher the price. The effect in a 10-square-meter space is even better than that of a 5-inch unit. That is because, for the sound, the listening environment is far more important than the caliber, and at the same cost, the larger the caliber, The more difficult it is to guarantee results. In short, if the budget is not sufficient, you should choose a small-diameter speaker unit speaker as much as possible according to the listening environment. A pair of 5 inch speaker unit's excellent speaker sounds full of 20 square meters is not a problem at all.

Piano music: A-6800 amplifier + VF3.8 speaker

Is it suitable or expensive?

For how to choose a sound: the most suitable is the best. Audio is a system project, which involves a lot of problems. How big is the room? What type of music do you like? How much is the budget? It is not the more expensive it is more suitable. Tailoring is the most suitable, especially the environment. It is very important. Of course, a large space must have a large sound, and the price is generally more expensive. It is not necessarily bad to play a large speaker in a small environment, but it costs too much money to fully use the energy of the sound. Does the budget matter? It doesn't matter! Desktop audio less than a thousand yuan is also very good for listening to vocals and popular music (such as sheet music, vocals are great); budgets in the thousands or ten thousand yuan can also be selected to listen Sound and string music are very good sound; really expensive sound system, in addition to high requirements on the sound source, the environment is also very high. Good equipment in an inappropriate environment, coupled with an unsuitable front-end, can not exert its advantages. Many times the equipment itself is no problem, the problem is in the front-end, the environment and supporting facilities, these are not in place is also a waste of money and energy.

JBL audio: CM220 2.0HIFI audio

Step by step or step by step?

Novices often come across a lot of suggestions in the process of choosing audio: "One step, less regret, and less frustration in the future." It sounds very good. In fact, this is a pit. Many newbies have budgets ranging from thousands to tens of thousands, or even more. With the advice of a group of old fans, the novice's budget quickly exceeded many times. The end result may just be a lot of money to buy a speaker that is not suitable for you.

The meaning of being in place is: buying a good set of speakers will make you enjoy a great deal every day. For a person who likes music, it is very worth investing in a certain amount of money. The stereo can generally be used for several years or even ten years. If the conditions are good, you can buy tens or hundreds of thousands of HIFI or Hi-end. If the conditions are not enough, you can buy a set of several thousand yuan.

Another level of meaning in place is to consider a suitable budget based on the type of music you like, the listening environment, and the front end. Voices, pop music, including string music, are in place for tens of thousands, and it is not much better to increase the budget. If the front end is a computer or a walkman or the like, and the back end is not very good (the ones that increase your budget are pits), improving the front end is the business. The listening space is 10 square meters, and you can buy a desktop speaker for a few thousand yuan.

KEF speakers: MUON 2.0 HIFI speakers

Five, high school bass balance or super bass?

As with the fever of headphones, everything that needs to be subwoofered at the exit is first-time, because high-end equipment, whether it is headphones or audio, has no subwoofer. Anything that sells bass is a starting point without exception Class equipment (not even for getting started).

The reason is very simple. When high-end equipment is playing music, the low frequency is very powerful, especially the audio. When playing large symphony music, the momentum of tumbling mountains is not excessive, but, Is the low frequency heavy? It's not heavy at all. You only feel the low frequency of elasticity, texture and no pressure.

Is low frequency important? Very important, very important! But it is the texture and dive of low frequency and speed. There are many more important factors than low frequency: IF thickness and density; high, medium and low tri-frequency equalization; Force; sound field positioning; transparency; three-frequency speed ... In any aspect, its importance is not inferior to low-frequency, especially low-frequency volume sense, the appropriate low-frequency volume sense is the most important! If you want a set of entry is good For equipment, please take your attention away from the low frequency.

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