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The 16th Xinjiang Police Anti-Terrorism Technology and Equipment Expo

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The 7th China-Asia-Europe Security Expo and the 2020 16th Xinjiang Police Anti-Terrorism Technology and Equipment Expo

I. Exhibition Introduction

The 7th China-Asia-Europe Security Expo and the 2020 16th Xinjiang Police Anti-Terrorism Technology and Equipment Expo (hereinafter referred to as the "Asia-Europe Security Expo") will be held at Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center from August 14th to 16th, 2020. Halls 2 and 3 will be held.

As one of the most influential professional exhibitions in the national security and police industry, it has gradually developed into a professional security exhibition based in Northwest and radiating Central Asia through cultivation in recent years. It has served more than 4,700 exhibitors and received professional visitors. With nearly 300,000 person-times, it has become a vital industry exhibition in Northwest and Central Asia. In order to comprehensively improve the technology and level of public safety technology in Northwest China, open up the foreign trade field of domestic security industry, and serve the security industry in Xinjiang and neighboring countries. Provide stability and provide strong technical equipment support.

The 2020 Asia-Europe Security Expo will continue to innovate the exhibition mode, combined with the current deep integration of smart security and smart city recommendations, with the theme of “focusing on the“ Belt and Road ”and promoting smart security”, through product demonstrations, industry forums, technical exchanges, Science and technology popularization and other activities are integrated into one, focusing on the development and application of smart security systems and police equipment in urban construction. The holding of the Asia-Europe Security Expo will play an important role in promoting economic exchanges between Xinjiang and Asian and European countries and accelerating regional economic cooperation. At the same time, it will use advanced technologies and cutting-edge equipment in various industries in the main way of information sharing, exchange and cooperation. Laid the foundation for the healthy and rapid development of Xinjiang's economy.

The Asia-Europe Security Expo will expand the exhibition scale, expand the content of the exhibition, and subdivide the categories of exhibits on the basis of the original "Smart Security, Police Technical Support" exhibition area, focusing on creating "smart cities, smart security, artificial intelligence, smart police, communications Network, Security Service Display "and other professional sections.

We will continue to uphold the purpose of "service industry, service enterprise, service user" exhibition, make full use of the Asia-Europe Security Expo platform and bond role, while integrating engineering resources, integrators, end users, public inspection and other quality resources, Market-oriented and innovative product trading and communication as the goal, we will build a publicity and display platform for the best smart security, police equipment, fire product procurement, services, and information exchange in Northwest and Central Asia. We sincerely invite you to share the latest technology and products in the industry, discuss market development trends together, and cooperate sincerely to achieve a win-win situation.

Review of ASEM Expo 2019

The predecessor of the Asia-Europe Security Expo is Xinjiang Police Technical Equipment and Social Public Safety Products Expo, which has been successfully held for 15 consecutive years. The exhibition presents the prosperity of the security industry, and once again proves that the Asia-Europe Security Expo is the most popular in Northwest China. The high-quality publicity and display platform for security procurement, services, and information exchange has attracted well-known exhibitors at home and abroad, including Hikvision, Zhejiang Dahua, Tongfang VTV, 38th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group, Videolink Power, and Aerospace More than 400 companies including Changfeng, Powerful Jucai, Liang Technology, Xinjiang Xiling, etc., demonstrated their advanced technology and equipment in the industry.

This year's exhibition successfully held the theme of “Do not forget the original heart • Remember the mission” educational activity area, the 2019 National Public Safety Communication Symposium cum Smart Police Integration Innovation Development Summit Forum, 2019 Xinjiang ’s First Intelligent Transportation Innovation Development Summit Forum 2019 China Social Security Prevention and Control System Summit Forum, 2019 China's Governance System Modernization and Smart Justice Summit Forum, "2019-ICT-Driven Smart City Integrated Development Summit Forum", "2019 Third Xinjiang UAV Application Development Summit Forum", "2019 Xinjiang Security Engineers Conference & Awards Ceremony of Top 100 Security Engineers "," 2019 Xinjiang Security Outstanding Contribution Award Award "," Xinjiang Security Association Achievement Display Area "," Xinjiang Security Association Member Style District "and other activities.

Invited from the Public Security Bureaus of various provinces and cities such as the Ministry of Public Security, Fujian Public Security Department, Shenzhen Public Security Bureau, Ningxia Public Security Corps, and also attracted from Asia-Pacific Security, China Satellite Navigation and Positioning Association, Shenzhen Intelligent Transportation Association, Public Security Bureau Security Department, Jilin Safety Association, Guangxi Safety Association, Gansu Safety Association, Fujian Safety Association, Hubei Safety Association, Zhejiang Safety Association, Hangzhou Safety Association, Shijiazhuang Safety Association, Jinan Safety Association, Liaoning Safety Association, Jiangxi Safety Association, Hainan Safety Association, Tianjin Safety Association Associations, the five major lotus safety associations, the Hainan UAV Association and other important industry organizations participated. Industry experts and outstanding companies participated in the exhibition. The site also attracted public inspection laws, engineering contractors, integrators, research institutes, end-users, and other professionals across the country. Visitors also attracted the participation of important industry organizations such as the security associations in many provinces and cities, reflecting the high degree of professionalism of the exhibition.

3. Arrangement of exhibition time and place

Venue: Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center Halls 1, 2, and 3 (No. 3 Hongguangshan Road, Urumqi)

Exhibition time: August 12-13, 2020 (10: 30-19: 00)

Exhibition time: August 14-16, 2020

Removal time: August 16, 2020 (16:00 PM)


Supporting unit: Political and Legal Committee of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Public Security Department

Public Security Bureau of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps

Urumqi People's Government

Urumqi Public Security Bureau

National Urban Security Association Cooperation and Mutual Aid Alliance

International support: Asia-Europe Security Industry Alliance

Asia Pacific Security Association

Russian Security Industry Association

Russian Security Standards Development Committee

Kazakhstan Security Industry Association

Kyrgyzstan Non-Governmental Security Organization

Alliance of Private Security Organizations and Security Training in the Republic of Armenia

Almaty Investment and Trade Federation

Hosted by: Xinjiang Security Technology Prevention Industry Association

Shenzhen Security Industry Association

Organizer: Xinjiang Guozhan Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Supporting media: China Public Safety Magazine, China Public Safety Magazine Overseas Edition, Zhongan Network Technology Co., Ltd., E Exhibition Network, China Public Safety Equipment Network, National Defense Technology Network, Huaqiang Wisdom Network, China Security Exhibition Network, Yingan Network, Pacific Security Network, China International Police Equipment Network, China Cluster Communication Network, China Security Business Alliance Network / Special Security Network, China National Defense Emergency Response Industry Alliance Mall Network, Security Gang / Zi'an Internet of Things, Great Wall Security Network, China Police Installation Network, Global Drone Network, China Security Industry Network, Safety and Automation, Drone Network, Digital Audio Engineering Network, China Digital Audiovisual Network, Baiyi Shanghui, "Yongtai Foundation Advertising Smart Security", Exhibition Network, Special Equipment network.

V. Scope of Exhibition

(I) Smart City Exhibition Area

Smart city construction management platform technology and products; urban comprehensive emergency response platform; urban public security monitoring system (financial, campus, medical, cultural, cultural, metro, and other key security systems); safe and smart community system, community monitoring and management platform, urban monitoring and alarm networking system ; Network security products; intelligent transportation systems; intelligent police systems.

(2) Solutions and security services: Security solution providers.

(3) Security operation service providers: communication network services, alarm services, security services, etc.

(D) Security Products:

Video surveillance: video surveillance prevention system (front end, control, display, transmission, etc.);

Access control system: access control, card, parking lot management system, patrol inspection management system, etc .;

Anti-theft alarm system: sensors, detectors, alarm hosts, fences, anti-theft locks, vehicle anti-theft and anti-robber network alarm systems, etc .;

Intelligent building: building intercom, intelligent home system, building automatic control system, etc .;

Conference system and public broadcasting: video conference terminal, video conference camera, video conference software, public broadcasting, professional broadcasting cabinet, broadcasting microphone, alarm tone generator, etc .;

Artificial intelligence: intelligent robots, AR / VR software, pattern recognition, intelligent wear, intelligent hardware platforms and solutions, intelligent control;

Biometrics: fingerprint recognition, face recognition, iris recognition, vein recognition, anti-counterfeiting technology;

Police equipment: security detonation, police traffic, police equipment, drones, law enforcement equipment, protective equipment, criminal investigation equipment, wireless walkie-talkies, police communication equipment, public inspection law digital processing system and other human security protection equipment, anti-terrorism equipment ;

Intelligent transportation: intelligent transportation products, traffic safety facilities, vehicle detection, satellite navigation, public transportation, transportation equipment;

Power supply, integrated wiring system, wires and cables and peripheral equipment, accessories;

Chassis, cabinet, console, security door, lock, safe (box), bullet-proof composite glass, etc .;

Lightning protection products, fire protection products, electronic education equipment, etc .;

Internet of Things technology and applications, emergency rescue and escape equipment, civilian consumer security products and other social and public safety products.

6. Concurrent conference activities

(1) International Conference on Asia-Pacific Security

(2) 2020 The 4th China Three-dimensional Social Security Prevention and Control System Summit Forum

(3) 2020 The 3rd China Governance System Modernization and Smart Justice Summit Forum

(IV) ICT Intelligent Security Drives Smart City Integrated Development Forum

(V) 2020 Xinjiang Security Engineering Top 100 Awarding Ceremony & the 3rd Security Engineering Conference

(VI) The 4th Xinjiang UAV Application Development Summit Forum in 2020

(VII) 2020 Xinjiang Security Outstanding Contribution Award

(VIII) 2020 Xinjiang's Second Smart Transportation Innovation Development Summit Forum

Seven, exhibition instructions

After receiving the documents (exhibition invitation letter, contract, and booth plan) for the exhibitors, the participating companies should clearly fill in the "Exhibition Contract" and stamp the official seal together with a copy of the business license to fax to the exhibition organizing committee. Deadline for booth registration is July 15, 2020. Please send the designed content to the designated mailbox of the organizing committee before July 30.

The exhibition manual (schedule, transportation, accommodation, freight, leasing, booth construction requirements, exhibition activities, exhibition advertising, public security fire protection requirements, rules and regulations, etc.) will be sent to the exhibiting companies before July 15, 2020.

Remittance, please remit to the following account of the organizing committee

Company Name: Xinjiang Guozhan Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Account bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Henan East Road Sub-branch, Urumqi

Unit account number: 3002021809100117285

Bank line number: 102881002188

Within 3 working days after the signing of the exhibition contract, the exhibiting company shall pay the organizing committee a total deposit or a deposit of not less than 50%. The remaining balance shall be remitted into the above designated account of the organizing committee within 7 working days before the exhibition . If the deposit or the balance of the exhibition fee is not paid according to the agreed date, the organizing committee has the right to cancel or exchange its booth. For details, please refer to the description of the exhibition contract.

Nine, other instructions

Exhibitors cannot participate due to non-organizing committee factors, and paid fees will not be refunded.

The principle of booth allocation order: "first application, first payment, first selection".

If an exhibiting company fails to pay the participation fee or needs to adjust the booth area due to its own reasons, the organizing committee has the right to change or cancel its booth.

Ten, matters needing attention

1. Any equipment that is prohibited by the state and the public security department from being sold or used is not allowed to participate in the exhibition, nor is it allowed to be brought into the venue for sale without permission.

2. For units that need to hold technical seminars and new product promotion meetings, please submit the seminar content, new product introductions, and speaker qualifications to the organizing committee one month before the meeting.

XI. Contact Information of the Organizing Committee

Xinjiang Guozhan Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Address: Administrative Office District, Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, No. 3 Hongguangshan Road, Urumqi, Xinjiang

Contact: Ge Xuepeng 18799133368 (same account on WeChat)

Mobile phone: 13928767216, 18799133368


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