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Sony laser engineering projectors create beautiful rural ponds

——New Travel Business Card for Cultural Night Tour!
November 06, 2019 16:10 source: China Digital Audiovisual Network Font [ Big Middle Small ]

[Digital Audio-Visual Network News] In recent years, the cultural tourism economy has promoted the spread of image solutions throughout the country. The number of "tall and large" domestic projection projects has increased, and the cultural image window period has arrived. The "net red" scenic spots with stunning visual effects have become attractive to young people. The place where people "check in". Recently, we visited Manji, Anji, Zhejiang Province. Sony laser engineering projectors "lit" this quaint village. The artistic beauty and humanistic feelings make the summer night come to life.


Background of the project:

Speeding along the brand-new highway, we soon reached the village entrance, got off the bus and changed to walk, walked along the winding long village road, entered the natural village of Mantangli, all the way with white walls and black tiles, all eyes are quiet and elegant, this is only one hundred The small mountain village with more than 400 people is quiet and peaceful. It is well-known for white tea, bamboo, and yellow flower pear. It is a demonstration village of one village and one product in the country, and is the first batch of provincial A-level scenic villages in Anji County.

Recreating rural night scenes with images, this creative idea comes from the "Light of the Earth" art commune, which gives the houses, woods, ponds and other unique charms in Mantang to bring visitors a unique feeling of blending natural beauty with humanities and arts.

Mr. Zhu Shaojie, the project leader of the "Light of the Earth" art commune, introduced to us: "Mantangli has a strong ancient style during the day, but is peaceful and quiet at night, with the typical charm of a small village in the south of the Yangtze River. Develop the art economy, highlight the characteristics of differentiation, and let more people taste the beauty of Mantang. "

Talking about the planning and implementation of the image solution, Mr. Zhu Shaojie said that after careful inspection and in-depth communication, he finally selected Sony Engineering Projector's partner—Union Enterprise, as the design plan and project implementation partner for the entire project.

The company has been engaged in professional imaging system for more than ten years. It has rich product resources, deep technical accumulation and strong execution power. It not only has the shocking large screen presented by Sony laser engineering projectors, but also has a weatherproof outdoor projection box protection solution. The solution, an embedded system-based display platform, and advanced equipment such as laser projection lamps, laser generators, water curtains, and human-light interactive devices, demonstrate the joint product companies' product and technical strength in the field of cultural tourism projects.

Project visits:

There are a total of eight exhibitions in the first phase of the night scene of Mantangli. A total of 20 Sony laser engineering projectors have been used. Depending on the environment, multiple short-focus and telephoto lenses are equipped. They perfectly fit the pavilions, pavilions, and bamboo forests of the pool. Stunning images.

The night is low and the lanterns are on. At the beginning of the classic tour, we experience the beauty of the night scene in Mantang.

The first exhibition is "Old House", where 3 sets of SONY VPL-F636WZ are used to project and project on the exterior wall and thatched roof of an old house. Ye Ying is flying, misty and perishable, listening to soft music, as if it is a cool night The wind stirred the passage of time.

Next, it is the "Bamboo Smoke" water curtain exhibition project. Two SONY VPL-F905ZL superimposed projections. After stand-alone 9000 lumens superb brightness, it achieves a stunningly clear and sharp water screen picture. The striking symbols and lines in the image outline The mountains, rivers and rivers that look like ancient totems, sometimes exhilarating and soothing music, coupled with the cool water mist surrounding them, make the dream more mysterious.

Go forward and see the "White Wall Projection" exhibition item. Four SONY VPL-F636HZ with short-focus lens VPLL-Z3009, 0.85-1.01: 1 projection ratio to fit the projection distance, blending and projecting a long scroll of Meticulous painting, Xiao He only showed sharp pointed corners, and the scenery in the poem "Dragonfly stood on his head" became vivid, making people lament the little fun in the summer field.

Along the road, the bamboo lights on both sides of the "Xianzhujin Road" are warm and not far away. The two SONY VPL-F636HZ in the bamboo forest project the outer walls of two residential houses, and sometimes a large group of butterflies flutter, and sometimes The emerald green bamboo forest sways gently, and sometimes the water ripples and ripples, making the houses and bamboo forest vivid and vivid at night.

A small pavilion entertained by the roadside. In the old days, it must have been the most romantic place in the country. Next to it was the "Flower and Fate" exhibition project. A SONY VPL-F636HZ projected flowers and flowers on a white wall. Constantly changing, the romantic atmosphere is more intense, sitting in the pavilion, admiring the spring, listening to the soft words of Wu Nong, the night has become more gentle.

The ancient opera stage "Tingyuelou" is an important scene in Mantang. It restores the oldest way of people's entertainment-listening to a drama. A SONY VPL-F636HZ with a telephoto lens VPLL-Z3032 will project the image of the famous opera corner On the screen, the sound and picture are excellent, and the realistic effect is like a real person performing, and people watch it with interest.

"Thinking about Lost Realms" is the most magnificent exhibition item. Six SONY VPL-F636HZ are used to project the walls of both sides of the magnificent building. Four of the projectors are equipped with a short-focus lens VPLL-Z3007 with a projection ratio of 0.65: 1. Make the equipment installation and the surrounding environment maintain perfect results. The entire building is covered with an image "outerwear", and imaginative ideas have become a reality. For example, text such as' Fu 'Shou' fills the entire space, as if it is a rotating transformation like movable type printing. People feel shocked.

Continue to walk, we have come to the last exhibition "Cloud Dream Pool", a SONY VPL-F636WZ projected koi swim in a small pond, the effect is realistic, standing beside the pond makes people lament the beautiful scenery and beautiful night here.

Product Focus:

In this project, SONY VPL-F905ZL shines brightly, with a resolution of WUXGA. It is equipped with a newly developed 1-inch 3LCD panel. Through the self-developed laser light source system and complete optical design, it achieves 9000 lumens, high brightness and RGB colors. Restores balance, beautiful images, dazzling brightness, high contrast, and clear details; advanced real-world creative technology can analyze input signals from the pixel level, and powerful pattern matching functions enhance the clarity of screen pictures and text.

SONY VPL-F636HZ has a luminous flux of 6100 lumens and rich and stable colors. It is equipped with advanced image thinning technology, real creation function and contrast enhancement function for fine and sharp image quality. It also supports seamless fusion function and can be projected on inclined surfaces or curved surfaces Accurate and symmetrical image. In addition, it has stylish design, fine details and low fan noise, can be installed at various angles, and the friendly installation menu makes setup very easy.

This project is for outdoor installation. It needs to face wet and rainy weather. Liancheng Enterprise has created a sealed box with a patented technology for the projector to ensure that the equipment runs stably for a long time. In addition, it uses a powerful, easy-to-use control system and connected devices to make the entire project easy to manage. Liancheng Enterprise has tailored system solutions for the cultural tourism industry to better serve users in related fields.

Postscript of the visit:

In this tour of Mantang, we felt that the excellent projection screen can bring huge improvement and innovation to the night-touring economy in the countryside. This time, the joint venture company created advanced and outstanding images for the "Light of the Earth" art commune. The lighting presentation platform can be further expanded in the future. Not only can the content be more fresh and rich, but also the type and application space can be broader. Let us look forward to the Sony laser engineering projector to assist more cultural and creative projects, creating Intoxicating charm scene

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