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Ovia's Annual Partner Conference Enters Mountain City Chongqing

—— “Synergy empowers innovation and win-win”
April 25, 2019 09:08 source: China Digital Audiovisual Font [ Big Middle Small ]

[Digital Audio-Visual Network News] On April 24th, "Re-Journey- Ovia Annual Partner Conference" was held in Chongqing. During the conference, Avia Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and partners across the country reviewed and summarized the achievements of 2018, shared insights and understanding of the education informationization market, deeply interpreted the development trend of the education informationization market, and targeted channel upgrades. And strategic transformation plans.


Smart application, empowering teaching

Deploy a new ecology of smart education

The conference revolved around the theme of "re-journey". As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guoxin Culture (stock code: 600636), a state-owned listed company controlled by China Guoxin, Ovia has experienced the transformation of private enterprises into state-owned holding subsidiaries. After major changes, we have a broader development platform and strong technical resources. In the future, Ovia will respond to the market with a new look-"smart application, empowering teaching", and work with partners to consider the development path of education informatization from a higher dimension, and jointly achieve "let more teachers and students share Quality education.

Ms. Chen Yan, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and General Manager of China Cultural Development Group Co., Ltd.

Mr. Yao Yong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Guoxin Culture Holdings Co., Ltd., brought the "Financial Services Program of Guoxin Culture Holdings Co., Ltd.", pointing out that the education information industry is currently facing the dual challenges of "technology" and "funds". Who can take the lead in solving the problem of funding and promote the deep integration of information technology and teaching scenarios, who can lead the new development of the education information industry.

Yao Xin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Guoxin Culture Holdings Co., Ltd.

At the same time, Mr. Yao Yong led the relevant representatives of Guoxin Culture to launch a "financial solution synergy ceremony" for the integration of industry and finance, indicating that Guoxin Culture will provide strong power for Ovia and its partners in the field of business technology and capital operation. Support system.

Ovia 2.0 era,

Collaborative empowerment, win-win innovation

At the meeting, Mr. Ou Junwen, the founder of Aovia, shared the "Welcoming the Aovia 2.0 era" at the meeting, stating: from the external environment, the education information market has entered a new 2.0 development stage; from the perspective of internal development, Aoya WIA has entered a new stage of development, transformed from a private enterprise to a state-owned enterprise. Relying on a stronger platform and strong technical resources, Avia has fully entered the 2.0 era of "new strategy, new ecology, new mechanism".

Mr. Ou Junwen, founder of Aovia Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

At the meeting, Ovia announced the strategic in-depth cooperation with six cooperative developers, and launched the "Educational Cooperation, Win-win Innovation" Smart Education Ecological Cooperation Ceremony. (Six companies are: Guangzhou Octopus Education Technology Co., Ltd., Xiamen Jenengtong Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Topside Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Qinglu Education Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Qiangnao Technology Co., Ltd., and Beijing Quean Technology Co., Ltd. Note: No particular order

In the future, Ovia will conduct in-depth cooperation with six partners in the form of technology sharing, diversification and flexibility to provide competitive products and solutions for the education information market and jointly promote the development of the smart education ecosystem.

Smart Education Ecological Cooperation Ceremony Begins

Expert interpretation:

"Smart Ecology and Information Technology"

In terms of expert sharing, Prof. Du Xuanjie of South China Normal University shared the "Integrated Solution of Aovia Smart Ecology" at the meeting, introduced various policies, gained insight into the development trend of the education information market, and interpreted the development context of smart education. Professor Du pointed out that the ecological system of smart education is inseparable from the development of science and technology. Six partners at the conference also introduced their respective technical advantages, clarifying that in the future, they will carry out in-depth cooperation at the technical level with Ovia and jointly promote educational information. The development of the chemical industry, and gradually deploy a new ecology of smart education.

Professor of South China Normal University-Du Xuanjie

Later, Professor Qingchao Ke, a professor and doctoral supervisor of South China Normal University, shared "Educational Application of Brain Science and Perceived Intelligent Technology". Professor Ke pointed out that in the construction process of the ecological deployment of intelligent education, we should pay attention to the in-depth coordination with various cutting-edge science and technology From a biological perspective, the essence of wisdom education is the deep reconstruction of the human brain, but no matter what stage the education information industry enters, the ultimate goal is to "promote the all-round development of people."

Ke Qingchao, professor and doctoral supervisor of South China Normal University

Vertically integrated industrial chain

Win the market with services

Luo Zhengdong, deputy general manager of Ovia, pointed out in "Towards Ecological Empowerment, Innovation and Win-win": With the two-wheel drive of technology and teaching needs, Ovia's relationship with major partners has become closer; in the future, Through the vertical integration of the industrial chain, Avia will restructure the multi-channel value chain, and work with major partners to formulate industry standards for education informatization, and ensure that humane and intelligent smart teaching solutions are exported to the market.

In order to be closer to teaching services, Ovia will also be able to build comprehensive service providers in the future, develop multi-dimensional and deep-level cooperation models with partners, and always focus on user needs, continue to change, create value, and build Ovia in the future. The core competitiveness of the education information industry.

Sincere cooperation, create a win-win situation

Continuous change and history

In recognition of outstanding partners, Ovia has awarded various awards to its outstanding partners in the previous year. Winning companies have stated that Ovia is a charismatic company that has always relied on technological leadership to lead the development of educational information industry.

The era of education informatization 2.0 is an era of more emphasis on teaching experience and the pursuit of personalized teaching methods. It is also an important opportunity for Ovia and its partners. After undergoing major changes from a private enterprise to a centrally-owned subsidiary, Ovia has strengthened its sense of social responsibility and historical mission.

In 2019, Ovia entered a new year of development. Facing the test of the education information market, Ovia has always insisted on improving the teaching and learning experience by providing humanized and intelligent innovative designs, and insisting on making more changes. Many teachers and students share the ambitious ideal of quality education!

In response to the changes brought about by the continuous development of the education information industry, Ovia always adheres to an open and cooperative attitude, a diversified corporate culture, based on actual teaching needs, uses technology to innovate, and works with major partners to provide a thick service layer. The teaching market provides deeper education informatization solutions, insists on using science and technology to empower education, and promotes the vigorous development of the education informatization industry.

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