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Education exhibition: how to ensure the quality of urban and rural interactive teaching?

April 25, 2019 08:48 source: China Digital Audiovisual Font [ Big Middle Small ]

[Digital Audiovisual Network News] Education, to the point, it determines the future of the country and the nation, and is the cornerstone of the realization of the "Chinese dream"; in fact, it is also the hope of families and individuals. Therefore, "developing a fairer and more quality education", promoting the integration of urban and rural compulsory education, and promoting the sharing of high-quality resources are vital.

For Jieshi Feitong, while realizing "the same class in urban and rural areas" through remote interactive teaching, combining cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data, we pay more attention to each class, even every minute, and Through intelligent analysis, we continuously improve the quality of teaching, so that teaching can be accurately diagnosed and treated like a doctor's prescription-this is the original intention of the "Jieshi Feitong classroom teaching 'diagnostic therapist' system".

Jiefei Feitong Ketong Teaching "Clinician" System

Multi-service integration: 1 system, 8 major business functions

Teaching and learning is a complex process and a subtle process. The development and application of education informatization do not lie in deteriorating the old and establishing new ones, but in the "moisturizing and silent".

Jiefei Feitong's classroom teaching "diagnostic therapist" system integrates eight mainstream education and teaching business functions in one system, such as normalized automatic recording and broadcasting, remote interactive teaching / dual teacher classroom, artificial intelligence diagnosis and treatment / big data analysis, teaching live broadcast / remote Course evaluation / teaching observation, distance learning, teaching on demand / flip learning, etc. As far as the normalized automatic recording and broadcasting is concerned, through the intelligent guide, multiple scenes, multiple scenes, intelligent cropping, and smooth switching can be achieved.

In terms of equipment deployment, with the "10 in 1" technology advantage, a comprehensive business terminal is used to highly integrate the functions of 10 types of equipment such as traditional recording and playback hosts, central control hosts, audio and video matrix, and truly "technology-oriented people. Simple maintenance first. "

Promote "class revolution" through structured data

Any psychological change will be reflected in behavior.

Based on AI deep learning and face recognition, through continuous analysis of students and teachers' classroom behaviors through artificial intelligence video analysis technology based on actions and expressions, such as students raising their hands in class, standing up to answer questions, "face-to-face" and sleeping The number of behaviors and attendance, teacher blackboard writing, interaction, teaching time, etc., combined with homework, examination and other data, to achieve scientific evaluation of classroom quality and teaching effects, analyze the crux of the problem, precise teaching, personalized teaching.

Not only focusing on students, but also serving teachers, parents and schools

For students-long-term follow-up analysis of each class, timely problem discovery and analysis and resolution; watching online and recorded classroom and broadcast videos of our school and other schools anytime, anywhere, and diversified learning methods.

For teachers-analyze each lesson, find solutions to problems, and continuously improve teaching; analyze each child's class situation, teach targeted, and spend more time focusing on the teaching itself, not student management; also provide online Intelligent lesson preparation and other functions.

For parents-learn about their children's school situation in time and provide targeted guidance or counselling; through systematic analysis and diagnosis, master the type of children's quality and scientifically plan the child's life, neither high nor low.

Analyze the school—each class, each teacher, and each student, and be targeted; long-term statistical analysis of big data helps schools to solve problems and improve competitiveness.

April 26-28

The 76th China Education Equipment Exhibition (Chongqing)

Gitzo Feitong invites you to explore new models of urban and rural education

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