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Vivitek Q3 is a must-have choice for home travel

April 24, 2019 10:43 source: China Digital Audiovisual Font [ Big Middle Small ]

[Digital Audio-Visual Network News] After a lapse of many years, the May Day holiday came again. On March 22, the “Notice on Adjusting the Labor Day Holiday Arrangement in 2019” issued by the General Office of the State Council stated that there were 4 days of vacation and adjustment from May 1 to 4, 2019. Within an hour of the release of the holiday , the number of air ticket searches for domestic travel ticketing platforms rose several times.


The four-day holiday and spring time make May Day a popular travel option after the Spring Festival and National Day. Many people have already begun to plan their own and family travel plans. But whether it is an outbound or domestic tour, or a family reunion with our family, we all need an entertainment that can be enjoyed by all ages.

At this time, nothing is more appropriate than a family holding snacks together and watching a family-friendly movie.

Picture 1: Vivitek (Vicentek) QUMI Q3 series with colorful appearance

The Vivitek portable entry projector Q3PLUS has an ultra-thin, lightweight, and stylish design, with a body weight of only 460g, which is roughly equivalent to the weight of two mobile phones. It is compact and portable for easy transportation. In appearance, Q3PLUS has 4 colorful colors (black / white / red / gold), plus an embedded large-capacity battery (8000 mAh), and the projection length can reach 2 hours, which is beautiful and easy to use.

Figure 2: Vivitek, a simple, lightweight, and portable QUMI Q3 series

In terms of performance, the Q3PLUS has a brightness of 500 lumens and a contrast ratio of 5,000: 1. It can support WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200) at the highest level, which has greatly improved the parameters of other entry-level projectors. In addition, Q3PLUS also has an automatic keystone correction function, which is very suitable for novices who are new to the projector. 30,000 hours of life (8 hours a day, 10 years of use), can also avoid the trouble caused by bulb replacement.

Figure 3: Vivitek's rich QUMI Q3 Plus interface can meet a variety of entertainment and business needs

Whether it's reunion with the family or traveling, the return of the May Day holiday will undoubtedly give us some time to spend with our family. In the vibrant spring days, after returning from the wild and enjoying a leisurely experience in a different country, this Vivitek Q3PLUS entry-level projector artifact is a secret weapon that connects your feelings with your family.

About Vivitek

Vivitek is a brand of Delta Group. Its main products are projectors. It uses the latest technology to provide complete specifications to meet market demand. Vivitek products are widely used in education, business, home theater and large-scale exhibitions. field.

About Delta

Established in 1971, Delta is a leader in power management and cooling solutions and has a world-class status in a number of product areas. In the face of increasingly serious climate change issues, Delta adheres to the business mission of “environmental protection, energy conservation, and love for the earth”, uses core power electronics technology, integrates global resources and innovative research and development, and delves into three major business areas, including “power and components”, "Automation" and "Infrastructure." At the same time, Delta actively develops its brand and continues to provide efficient and reliable overall energy-saving solutions. Delta's operations are spread all over the world, and it has R & D centers and production bases in mainland China, Taiwan, the United States, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Mexico, India, Brazil, and Europe.

In recent years, Delta has won many international honors and recognitions. Since 2011, it has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index's "DJSI World Index" for seven consecutive years. In 2016 and 2017, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) annual evaluation, Delta has achieved climate change. "Leadership level" rating.

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