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Kodak launches multifunctional network tailored for the end market

March 04, 2019 15:28 Source: China Digital Audiovisual Font [ Big Middle Small ]

[Digital Audio-Visual Network News] For many years, Kodak Multi-function Network has presented a series of products. Due to its integrated design, it can quickly upgrade ordinary conference rooms to remote video conference venues. It has won a good reputation of users and market share.

In 2019, in order to better serve government and enterprise users and further extend video conferencing applications to the government end market and small and medium-sized enterprises, Kodak has released a super cost-effective multi-functional network presentation product-NEX1100L, suitable for small and medium-sized conference rooms. And leadership office.

Released new cost-effective NEX1100L


NEX1100L inherits the traditional advantages of multifunctional network integration, integrated design, and mobile rapid deployment.It also adds many new features such as intelligent management, remote power on and off, built-in microphone, wireless connection, wireless screen, and cloud services. Technology, new needs of conference functions, one-button switch, plug and play, intelligent upgrade of traditional video conference rooms.

All-in-one design for rapid deployment of conference rooms

Professional custom integrated bracket, integrated codec, camera, microphone, display, intelligent central control host and other products; perfect concealment of all kinds of messy audio and video cables, unified external interface; quickly upgrade the ordinary conference room into a neat, Beautiful and efficient video conference room.

One key switch remote switch

The local participants can switch the whole set of equipment with one click, or the central staff can remotely switch the whole set of equipment through the network, and the local operation is zero.

Intelligent management remote conference steward

Built-in intelligent central control host, the central end can remotely monitor the online status and power-on status of the entire set of equipment, and realize remote management and remote control of the equipment.

Built-in microphone 6 meters

Built-in hidden microphone, 6 meters forward pickup distance, no external microphone required, the sound is real and natural.

Wireless network wireless dual stream

Built-in WiFi module, supports wireless network connection, supports wireless dual stream, and easily view various files and materials.

One-click sharing of wireless screen

An optional wireless screen projector can be used to share the PC content to the conference screen with a single touch, perfect replacement for the projector .

Rich cloud functions

It can be connected to Kodak's three clouds to realize cloud search, cloud address book, cloud conference room, cloud creation conference, cloud schedule, cloud upgrade and other functions.

Application scenario

Kodak's multi-functional network products are suitable for key industries such as government agencies, public inspection departments, and enterprises that have high requirements for the mobile deployment of products.

As an ultra-high cost-effective multi-functional network presentation product, NEX1100L is aimed at the government end market, helping government video conferencing applications extend to township and other grassroots units: such as town and village video conferences in the Xueliang project; the wisdom party builds grassroots Organize political worker training, party member activity meetings; targeted poverty alleviation, and remote application, sunlight letter visits and other industry application scenarios. At the same time, it can also meet the needs of department-level meetings of government, enterprises and institutions, and video conferences of SMEs. As an integrated audio and video communication terminal, the NEX1100L can be embedded with a professional solution to efficiently connect with superiors and subordinates. It has both practicality and experience, and has a wider range of application scenarios.

Kodak multi-functional network presented NEX1100L effectively reduced the cost of video conferencing for government towns and villages at the fourth and fifth level networks. While realizing the initiative to convene various government affairs meetings from the superior to the subordinates, it helped the various policies to be uploaded and issued for stable implementation in order to be more practical The product performance adds momentum to the full rollout of smart government affairs.

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