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[Digital Audio-Visual Network News] Gold is easy to get

Confidant is hard to find

Don't ask why you never met Huai

You come

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Company Profile

Xiamen Qiangli Jucai Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.,

Key high-tech enterprises of the National Torch Plan,

National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise,

National key new products, provincial innovative enterprises,

Nationally recognized enterprise technology center,

Provincial LED Display Engineering Technology Research Center;

Focus on optoelectronic products

R & D, production, sales and services;

About 2,000 employees

7 R & D platforms, 7 intelligent production workshops,

16 fully automatic production lines,

Automated coverage up to 95%;

32 offices across the country,

More than 200 authorized dealers,

More than 3,000 cooperative engineering companies,

More than 4,000 image experience stores,

More than 9,000 brand service franchisees,

Create a 3km localized and convenient service;

Products are exported to more than 60 countries worldwide!

360-degree panoramic blockbuster takes you into the powerful giant color

Case Appreciation

Powerful Jucai exquisite cases spread all over the country, and are widely used in broadcasting, broadcasting, command center, security monitoring, conference, government agencies, hotels, exhibition halls, cultural centers, outdoor fields, and leasing fields.

Job demand

Business Specialist

Requires the ability to develop regional market channels, while maintaining existing distributor channels;

Good communication and coordination ability; can accept headquarters to designate major theaters to fight;

Foreign trade clerk

Responsible for the expansion, development and customer management of overseas products;

Good spoken English and strong pressure resistance;

Sales Assistant

Convert customer needs into ERP orders, and follow up related orders, dunning, delivery and other related work;

Strong communication, coordination, and contingency; strong resistance to stress and data analysis;

Office manager

Responsible for maintaining dealer channels and developing and maintaining corresponding regional markets;

Familiar with the channel management model, and have his own unique insights on channel sinking construction;

Human Resources Specialist-Recruitment and Training

Responsible for employee recruitment, maintenance and development of recruitment channels, and establishment and maintenance of talent pool;

New employee training and the establishment and improvement of the training system;

Have good professional ethics and ethics, strong communication and coordination skills;

Electronics Engineer

Responsible for new product electrical solutions and PCB design; Responsible for new product performance evaluation and data analysis;

Good knowledge of analog and digital circuits (including analog and digital), and PCB design experience;

structural engineer

Complete the scheme design of the steel membrane structure project and draw the scheme diagram;

Use design software to perform structural calculations on the structure and issue structural design calculation books;

Need 1-3 years working experience in electronics manufacturing enterprises, and certain product management and project management experience;

Familiar with product structure, operation process, production process and product industry control standards and specifications;

SMT Technician / Assembly Technician

Installation, commissioning and maintenance of equipment; timely resolution of various equipment and abnormal quality problems in production;

Electromechanical and numerical control majors are preferred; those with relevant work experience are preferred; able to adapt to two shifts;

SMT engineer

Responsible for feasibility assessment, technical standard formulation and acceptance of new equipment introduction scheme;

Responsible for continuous improvement of equipment stability, production efficiency and production quality;

Skill training and assessment for equipment technicians;

SMT equipment maintenance work for more than 4 years;

Automation engineer

Responsible for the design and feasibility evaluation of the automation system;

Responsible for the selection and design of various automatic control systems, automation equipment and related accessories;

Understand the principle of mechatronics automation control, proficient in the principle of microcontroller or PLC programming control;

More than three years working experience in electronics manufacturing automation;

Graphic Designer

Responsible for the design of related print advertisements; visual image advertisement design for later image stores, internal magazine design; image processing, poster production;

Familiar with the application of design software such as Photoshop, Coreldraw, illustrator, flash;

Have more than 1 year experience in graphic design work in advertising company, especially in terminal graphic design;

Technical Support Manager

Responsible for establishing and improving the company's customer service technical support management system;

Responsible for formulating customer technical support service standards, regulating the behavior of customer technical support personnel, and improving service levels;

Responsible for reporting relevant data of technical support work to the customer service center, providing data basis and suggestions for work improvement;

Cost IE

Responsible for company manufacturing cost analysis & control;

Responsible for manufacturing cost efficiency and KPI monitoring analysis & management;

Proficient in manufacturing cost analysis plan (ABC operation analysis method, amoeba management);

Environmental Security Engineer

Responsible for the company's environmental safety, fire control and related security unit outreach work;

More than two years of work experience in environmental safety and fire management, familiar with environmental safety management process;

Have relevant training experience of safety management personnel and registered safety management division, and have a safety production management qualification certificate is preferred;

Frontline operator

Junior high school education or above, can write 26 English letters;

Good health and strong adaptability;

More other posts

Health manager, purchasing specialist, material controller,

Technician, Administrative Commissioner, Legal Secretary, Tax Accountant


Salary and benefits

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