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LED display industry coexist with stable channels and multiple channels

——Stable channels for LED display industry
09:30, February 20, 2019 Source: China Digital Audiovisual Font [ Big Middle Small ]

[Digital Audio-Visual Network News] Terminal customers have a steady development in 2019. The growth demand points are mainly focused on small-pitch, heterosexual and functional screens. These types of screens will have a qualitative and quantitative leap. Display companies must rely on themselves The upgrading of product models or the application of innovations to complete the new model of anti-war and ensure their own profit growth, the era of the major reshuffle of China's LED display industry is about to form. With the formation of the new model, new advantages have emerged.

Segment categories and pinpoint

The LED display industry segment market pattern has begun to take shape in 2018, and is mainly divided into: small pitch market, transparent screen market, shaped screen market, flexible screen market, creative screen market, LED rental screen market ... Among them, there are many new faces in LED companies. After segmenting the market, the profit point of the company has increased, and the relative cost of raw materials has decreased. This has led to the benign development of LED companies; they have accumulated in their main subdivisions. The relatively solid brand foundation indicates a phenomenon: the brand structure of various industry segments is being formed, and the scale growth of strong brands is very strong.

As far as 2018 is concerned, a number of representative companies have appeared in various sub-categories, and the initial scale of industry brands has also formed. They take advantage of the company's own advantages, transitioning the company's products, completing product upgrades and transformations; product segmentation, building their own brands, occupying a certain market share in the market, and growing very fast each year, and some are in segmented markets After the completion of product positioning and product positioning, M & A or acquisitions are used to expand the market influence of large brands, and capital mergers are used to build joint brands, forming a combination of intensive technology and intensive funds. Mergers or acquisitions often result in counterparties In a certain market segment itself, it has a certain degree of popularity, and it has joined forces to build a larger brand.

In 2019, if small and medium-sized screen companies must accelerate reforms in segmented areas, strive for products to occupy the category market, strive for a favorable brand positioning, and make products *, otherwise they will face no product advantage and no positioning in the market. It will lose competitiveness.

Increased competition in the future

In the future market, one category in the sub-category will form a number of strong brands, and new brands will continue to appear. Because the same type of products in the industry are universal in terms of peripherals and software, and are applicable to multiple categories of products. In the small-pitch area, product enhancement and intensified brand competition have become scales, and there is an unstoppable future development trend.

On the one hand, as the industry's awareness continues to increase, the end customer's familiarity with the product and the market has reached a certain level, and he also has a certain understanding of the raw materials of the LED display. The price is no longer determined by the manufacturer, but with the Customized products based on customer needs, the degree of price transparency is very high, and manufacturers' profits are constantly shrinking. Now that small-pitch products need to be developed, they must be targeted at the mid-to-high-end market, not only to improve their quality and performance requirements, but also to further release personalized needs. This change in demand in the downstream market is also continuously stimulating the upgrade and optimization of small-pitch products from upstream manufacturers, and promotes the further subdivision of their products, such as small-pitch advertising machines, small-pitch TVs, COB small-pitch, outdoor small-pitch, and small-pitch. Leasing and other segmented products and applications have appeared one after another.

With the continuous improvement and refinement of small-pitch technology, the definition of small-pitch has been refreshed in recent years. P2.5 is already a regular product in indoor displays. In 2019, the industry will develop small-pitch to P1.5 to P2 between. Therefore, small-pitch products will be developed in two aspects, because the small pitch between P1.5 and P2 requires manufacturers to have higher demand for equipment. It is very difficult for many small and medium manufacturers with tight capital chains and insufficient product research and development capabilities. Because it is not only necessary to have a large number of R & D design capabilities and personnel, but also to update the production equipment, small-pitch conventional manufacturers and small-pitch mid-to-high-end manufacturers will be formed.

Many low-end manufacturers in the small-pitch industry are facing the situation of being eliminated or slowly transforming. Even some manufacturers who have now replaced production equipment are also facing capacity pressures. How can they support cost reduction without sufficient capacity? With the upgrade and competition of segmented products The intensified phenomenon is not only in the small-pitch field, but also in the transparent screen field. The differentiated market is further subdivided. The fierce competition is accelerating product upgrades and is also prompting screen companies to make every effort to segment products, applications, etc. Will become a major development trend of the next industry.

Coexistence of stable channels and multiple channels

The dispute over the channels of the LED display industry has always existed, especially the various screen companies continue to extend the dealer system into major cities across the country, and even extend their tentacles to the village-level market. The channel market is becoming increasingly popular. In the recent period, large domestic and foreign LCD manufacturers are also designing into the LED industry. They use the original data channels and financial advantages to enter the LED display industry. They have strong strength in themselves and they have a strong brand influence. To make them more competitive in the market.

We look at the previous channel model. Although many screen companies have become stable channels, the channel diversification of the LED display industry is also accelerating. Screen companies now turn their attention to broader overseas markets. In recent years, more and more screen companies have gradually stepped out * to explore new overseas channels and new markets; strong alliances have added new channels for screen companies to win the channel market in the region. In general, the diversification of industry channels is an opportunity and a challenge for powerful large enterprises. Screen companies can speed up the layout of the entire channel. Of course, for brand screen companies that take a differentiated business route, they can also choose to try channels. the study.

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