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Kodak presents seven "1" to build high-end intelligent conference rooms

January 11, 2019 09:31 source: China Digital Audiovisual Font [ Big Middle Small ]

[Digital Audiovisual Network News] In 2012, Kodak.com was released. Since then, there have been two construction modes for small and medium-sized video conference rooms with less than 20 people: one is to follow the traditional scheme, professional video conference terminals + cameras + microphones + televisions; the other is to adopt a network presentation scheme, integrated products + turnkey service.

Kodak Cinema-style Network Presentation: Seven "1s" to build a high-end intelligent conference room

Because Wangcheng has realized the seamless integration of video technology with Chinese aesthetics and conference culture, it brings users an immersive communication experience. Therefore, in recent years, more and more users are the first choice when building video conferences. Network presentation plan.

At the same time, many users have put forward new requirements: Can similar products and solutions be provided for medium and large conference rooms or venues with more than 20 people? For this reason, Kodak has introduced the original immersive network and collaborative network. On the basis of presentation and multi-functional network presentation, theater-style network presentation was also introduced.

The cinema-style network presentation has well solved a series of problems faced by users when constructing a medium or large-scale video conference room or venue with more than 20 people: how to obtain a "face-to-face" conference experience? How can images and sounds best match the venue environment? How to coordinate multi-party resources such as equipment manufacturers, audio-visual system integrators, designers, and decoration contractors? How to simplify the operation control of multiple systems?

integrated design

The cinema-style network presents a separate design idea that abandons traditional venues, and provides integrated professional design for each link of sound, light, electricity, screen, video, control, environment, furniture, etc., and perfectly integrates video conference and environmental construction.

An immersive video conference system

The center panoramic seamless camera, 2K / 4K ultra-high-definition video codec terminal, seamless splicing screen and sound system provide the ultimate immersive audio and video communication experience.

A smart central control system for the venue

The cinema-style network presents integrated smart touch operations for meetings, supports one-button switching of the entire system, and realizes intelligent management of sound, light, electricity and other equipment. At the same time, the lights automatically sense the attendance of participants, and the design is user-friendly and intelligent.

A small pitch LED seamless splicing large screen

The cinema network is equipped with a small-pitch LED screen as standard, seamless splicing, bright and low gray, ultra-wide field of view, full front maintenance, and can provide a high-definition picture of each venue and other audio and video resources.

A set of visual management software

A set of software manages multiple systems, including conference management, venue management, display control, audio control, etc., to realize the entire venue resource management visualization, business control visualization, plan scheduling visualization, intuitive operation, WYSIWYG.

Multi-purpose room

It can be used for video conferencing services such as high-simulation conferences and video conferences, as well as business scenarios such as command scheduling, conference research and judgment, and video centers. It can flexibly access various audio and video resources.

One-stop delivery

The cinema-style network presentation is a turnkey project. The equipment, furniture, decoration and other links are provided by the original Kodak factory with a one-stop service, which is delivered as a whole without any worries for users.

Typical Case

Quantum Confidential Communications Beijing-Shanghai Trunk Line Shanghai Control Center

It can conduct safe and comfortable remote video conferences with the National Astronomical Observatory Nanshan Observation Station and other sites for demonstration and work reporting.

Weifang Procuratorate Command Center

A large conference room that can accommodate nearly a hundred people can be used for a variety of applications such as command decision-making, video conferencing, business training, supervisory committees, and case discussion rooms.

Command Center of Yantai Public Security Bureau

The big data combat command center is also used as a decision command conference room to implement applications such as high-simulation video conferences, video conferences, command decisions, and releases between superiors and subordinates.

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