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High-quality pictures of Bao Shilai LX770 high-end engineering machine evaluation

——Boshilai LX770 high-end engineering machine
At 13:16 on November 28, 2017 Source: China digital audio-visual network [original] Author: Korea blue font [ Tai Zhong small ]

[China Digital Audiovisual Network News] As the engineering field at the top level of the projection "pyramid", its product requirements are naturally higher. BOXLIGHT has constantly explored and accumulated in the engineering field, and has a professional understanding of the engineering projector market. BOXLIGHT is an engineering projection solution developed for users by refining user needs, considering multi-dimensional requirements such as product stability, initial procurement costs, customer usage habits, and brand service efficiency. Recently, a new "guest" ushered in the evaluation room of China Digital Audiovisual Network, which is Boxlight's newly launched Grand Canyon series single-lamp DLP engineering projector LX770. Let us take a look together.

Grand Canyon Series Single Lamp DLP Engineering Machine LX770

The overall appearance of the Grand Canyon series single-light DLP engineering projector LX770 is black and simple. Grand Canyon series of engineering projectors Boxlight launched a professional-grade engineering projector series. Product designers get inspiration from the grand ruggedness of the Grand Canyon. Professional users at different levels provide highly matched products.

Rich interfaces: with HDMI / DVI / VGA / RJ-45 / RS-232 / 12V Trigger

Grand Canyon series single-light DLP engineering machine LX770 side control buttons

The Grand Canyon series LX770 single-lamp DLP engineering projector has 7000 lumens with high brightness and large screen. Large screens such as large conference rooms, auditoriums, and exhibition halls are combined with brightness requirements to achieve high-brightness large-screen projection.

LX770 sideways

LX770 back

LX770 front view

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